Preservation across the USA

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 19th, 2010 in Saudi, USA

Jenny Krieg, of Maryland has partnered with Rodger Davis of Illinois to send two of Rodger Davis’ mares to the stallion from Bahrain, *Mlolshaan Hager Solomon (Rabdaan Alwasmy M19 x Mlolesh Asila M105 by Sharid), who is up in Michigan with Bill Biel. All of us have five pairs of fingers crossed for what should be Solomon’s second and third asil foals. We are also hoping that others will follow Jenny’s and Rodger’s lead and send more mares to this desert-bred stallion before it is too late.

One of the two mares, DB Kalila, (AAS El Hezzez x Desert Kalila by *Furtha  Dhellal), a 2002 ‘Ubayyah tracing to the mare *Mahraa of Prince Saudi Ibn ‘Abdallah Ibn Jalawi, Governor of Hasa, was leased by Jenny.  Her photo is below. I like the long ears and the croup.

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  1. HURRAH!!!! A big thank you (and best wishes) to Jenny and the Davis’ for this courageous step. If only I could convince Edie to let me lease Hafida Al Amiraa (1989), AAS Ardal Rafiga (1990) or her daughter AAS Amira Shahaba (these mares trace only to *Taamri, *Rudann, and *Amiraa/*Mahraa) – I’d love to breed any of them to Mlolshaan.


  2. Wonderful news.
    I would like to see a picture of *Mlolshaan.

  3. Thank you, Anita and Bassam, and Edouard of course.

    I thought Edouard had a picture of *Mlolshaan on this blog, but I can’t seem to find it…

  4. I have seen one one bad picture of him taken from a magazine listings. Please share some good pictures.

  5. I have just returned from Bill Biel’s place where I saw the two mares being bred to Solomon. Gorgeous ladies, both. Five pairs of fingers and five pairs of toes, Edouard. I’ll be watching the outcome of these breedings closely, for the Saudi lines are on top of my list for breeding my own Solomon daughter to.
    Congratulations, Jenny and Roger!

  6. This is a very good blog. Thanks, I learned and will learn a lot.
    It is amazing how many posibilities you have in the USA for preservation,I think all arabian lines are represented.(isthat true?) Good luck for this Bahreini-Saudi preservation iniciative!!!Please inform every progress!!
    We have in chile, as I know, only SE asilarabians,and only 2 or 3 breeders interested in real preservation.
    My personal interest in Asil arabians are Babson, bahreini and saudi, and also tunesian,but I dont know their status. I saw some tunesians years ago in germany and I liked them.
    My best whishes to all asil arabian preservationists (I hope the word is ok.but you understand me)!!!!!! Dont give up!!!

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