Pretty mare of desert lines, Saudi Arabia

By Matthias Oster

Posted on February 17th, 2011 in Saudi

This is the winner of the fillies class for Saudi Arabian desert breds at the Al Khalediah show, when the Asil Club delegation was last there; her name is Mukhtarat al Aziziyah (Zeeban al Thani X Hayaratny al Mazyoona), breeder Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Khalid al Sudairi, of the Al Aziziyah stud.  I don’t know her strain.

3 Responses to “Pretty mare of desert lines, Saudi Arabia”

  1. I am sorry to see that she has been shaved above the eyes for this show. It is so unnecessary, even disfiguring to such a lovely personage as this filly.

  2. I can never see an otherwise nice arab with shaved facial highlights without thinking of the idiot I once worked for who apprenticed himself to a pair of world famous in the upper midwest brothers who almost destroyed the arab show scene. If there is justice in this world or the next they will receieve similar treatment at the hooves of the animals they helped to stigmatise.
    Best wishes
    bruce Peek

  3. Ambar, Bruce, I did post in a similar vein but deleted it as I did not want to be negative, but now you’ve said it, I can’t resist supporting you …I could not agree with you both more… it is an ugly and demeaning practice and what’s more, by the way, IMO makes the actual EYE look smaller. How do such noble, generous animals have the misfortune to attract such shallow, vain, greedy people I will never know, maybe they are attracted to the very qualities that they themselves so manifestly lack.

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