Rare photo of RAS stallion Mansour

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 8th, 2015 in Egypt

Last spring, my wife, who by now knows Cairo’s cultural gems well, took us to the Agriculture Museum, housed in the palace of Fatma, daughter of the Khedive Ismail, in the Doqqi neighborhood. You can click on the links to learn more about the museum and its treasures; here my objective is to share with you this wonderful photo of the RAS stallion Mansour (Gamil Manial x Nafaa Al Saghira), the sire of Nazeer, Sheikh el Arab, Bint Farida, Roda and others, hanging on the wall of a museum room entirely dedicated to RAS photos.I may be wrong but I don’t think this photo (my photo of the framed photo) has been ever published before.

You can see the Prince Mohamed Ali blood in the photo (especially Dalal, Mansour’s grand-dam), and you can see why Nazeer and *Roda looked the way they did.



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  1. Wow, Edouard. Just wow!

  2. Nice, Thank you!
    Additional background for some of these horses in the US after importation comes with deserved appreciation to CMK here; just thought I would share: http://cmkarabians.com/tag/dickinson/

  3. Thanks Kim for posting the link. Interesting reading. Thanks also Edouard and to your wife for visiting the museum. Wish I could be there. This photo looks like a number of the RAS photos that were in Judi Forbis’s collection, however this particular one I had not seen before. It appears this one is Mansour in old age. Much of her collection was never published because some are not always the best representation for the newcomer to study ancestors. Many of Judi’s RAS photos were from the mid 1930s. There are some younger ones of Mansour when he was dapple grey taken by Carl Raswan in the late 1920s which appeared in some of his books, can’t recall which just now.

  4. Exceptional muscular stallion.

  5. Having had descendants of *Roda through her son, Hallany Mistanny and her other son Tut Ankh Amen (*Raffles x Roda), she being the grandam to some of my horses, one could see this compactness in conformation and a tendency to be more balanced than horses which came later carrying the blood of Mansour. I think that these smaller, more square built horses with necks, backs, etc., in balance seem to be a thing of the past.

  6. I have a stallion that fits the description “smaller, more square built, with neck and back etc in balance”: Habibi Nadir 2010 Miad al Shaqab (Alidaar x Ansata Malaha) x Princess Nourah (Thee Desperado x Bint Nourah). Pictures on my facebooksite Habibi Arabians, or website http://www.habibiarabians.eu. Also a video on YouTube when he was 2, search for Habibi Nadir.

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