Pulcher Ibn Reshan

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 6th, 2014 in General

Jackson Hensley sent my this recent photo of his 2002 Kuhaylan Hayfi stallion (Davenport lines) Pulcher Ibn Reshan (Triermain CF x Aniq el Bedu by Iliad). There is something of the look of a wild desert animal in his eyes, that same look you see in old photos of desert birds, gazelles and young camels.



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  1. Quality stallion and resembles Aurene CF.

    Wish Mr. Jackson Hensley can add names to his lovely horses on the website.

  2. the bright bay is monologue cf the one with the young lady

  3. Pulcher is one of my all time favorite horses of Davenport breeding. To see him in person explains why—not only his appearance, but his body language, deep soulful eyes, and charisma are true to the original type of Arabian about whom Bedouin poems are composed.

  4. Fingers crossed that HS Marayah can be bred to him next year!

  5. Bassam: Jackson used to include names of horses with the photos in his print ads back in the 1970s, such as Tybalt, June, etc. Jackson also published a book in 1978 on strain breeding, with the photos identified by name. I think he stopped including the names about 1980?

    Edouard: Is this the same horse as Anecdote CF?

  6. Yes. That is Anecdote.

  7. Thanks, for using the photo. As you see
    Am on your blog once again. The krush above is truly a beautiful asil!

    Be glad when you come home or return to the USA.

    I am very worried for the Asil. Needs more.views to bring back into what truly is an Arabian Horse.

  8. Jenny, please know we would be happy to breed your mare.

    Our best, Pulcher / Jackson

  9. Thank you, Jackson! Marayah is now with my friend Debbie Mackie in Illinois, not too far from the magnificent Pulcher.

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