Quick note to myself re: Bani Hajar’s migration

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 27th, 2014 in General

Shafi Ibn Sha’ban, the leader of the sub-tribe of Bani Hajar of Qahtan in the mid-XIXth century, is the one who led his tribe from the valleys of Najd to the shores of Eastern Arabia (al-Ihsa) in 1248 H, which is equivalent to 1832.  The Bani Hajar, separated from the bulk of their Qahtan brethen, eventually broke away, and became a separate, self-standing tribe (singular al-Hajri). Source: Mohammad Saud al-Hajri, who is a reliable historian.

Shafi Ibn Sha’ban is all over the Abbas Pasha Manuscript section on Dahman Najib (also in the extracts published at the end of Lady Anne’s Journals with her annotations), and appears in connection with the Dahmah Najiba of Ibn Aweyde. Lady Anne, in her notes, wondered about his identity. It makes sense: as the head of the tribe, he did not need to be introduced. She also mentions the Bani Hajar as living in East Arabia, most of them being pearl divers.


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  1. Hello Edward
    Do you know any information about the Syrian stallion Saad II
    [Kahilan Khaddli] had Mustafa al-Jabri

  2. Yes, I knew him well. I liked him very much. Some of the purest blood in the whole world runs in his veins. Sire: Al-Aawar, about which I have written a lot here (google him in the “search” function of this blog. Dam: Leelas, the mare of Abdoud Ali al-Amoud of the ‘Aqaydat, who got her grandmother from ‘Udayb al-Waqqa’ of the ‘Anazah. ‘Udayb had one of the best marabet of K. Khdili in the desert. Leelas had a full brother, which was sold to Aleppo as a stallion, but no one used him, because they thought he was too “pretty”. He had a beautiful head.

    Why do you ask?

  3. Valuable information
    Thanks Edward
    Do you have pictures ?
    I was trying to get one of Syria Clickers and found one of his daughters Hamdaniya Smarah
    Red was born in 2007 filly named Rayah

  4. I will send you pictures tonight. Who is the dam of the filly? from which Hamdaniat?

  5. Saad daughter that found Hamdaniya
    Mother is Wafa Al-Hasakah was born in 1986 and numbered 2454

  6. Hmmmm.. these are the Hamdani Simri of Aswad al-‘Uqlah from the ‘Aqaydat.. I don’t know where they come from, so I will have to check with people who know.

  7. Ahmad, if you can get that mare get it.

    I asked about the mother Wafa Al-Hasakah. Her sire, sire of sire, sire of dam, sire of sire of dam, sire of grand-dam are all Hamdani Simri from the same family ofAswadi al-Uqlah. The dam went to very reliable people in Aleppo (Fadel al-Mufti and Mudar Mohmalat), and reliable people like Kamal Abd al-Khaliq known her. I did not know this line before, and i will ask where it originally comes from.

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