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By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 11th, 2012 in General

Something needs to be done for the Syrian Arabian horses in the Aleppo area, fast. The price of fodder has been multiplied by ten, and horses from solid studs are starving. Some of us are trying to think of long term solutions, fast.

A question here: it is currently difficult to get export papers from the government. Suppose horses are made to cross the border with Turkey, without export papers, vet papers, but with their registration papers, what would happen to their registration? Would it be possible to register them in another country post-factum? Or are they not register-able forever?  Is one harming the potential future contribution of these horses to the breed by getting them outside of the country without proper papers?

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  1. Here’s a crazy idea, don’t know if it has any merit: would it be possible to use quick little pictures or videos made with phones or other small devices, and then posted to a blog like this one, to document the movement of these horses out of Syria? Sort of a little movie showing the steps taken to move a horse. Could such things be used as proof, or at least credible evidence, of who these horses are and where they come from?

  2. Elizabeth: Good idea. Documentation is key. Afterall the Syrian studbook has drawn lots of compliments about how carefully it was put together. And yes, how correct forms were followed to. So if a record is kept with pictures and films of the horses it would help prove their importance. Then there would be a chain of evidence to follow back for the horses provenance. Hmm, maybe we could try to get the diplomatic channels working. What is crucial about this is that these are cradle country asils, not waho show toys. But then i’m preaching to the choir here.
    best wishes
    bruce Peek

  3. One more idea: If circumstances on the ground make it impossible to move the horses themselves, could sperm, eggs (unfertilized and fertilized) and DNA samples be moved instead? Could a credible chain of evidence be maintained in such a case? Would resulting foals be registrable? Of course I’m assuming the equipment needed to gather and properly store such samples is available, along with people who know how to use it. I realize it may be easier to put a horse in a trailer, put it’s papers in the glove box, and start driving.

  4. There are sure two sides to this issue: the genetic heritage / registration problem, and the humanitarian problem. Because of the severe hardship being suffered by the Syrian people, it may be hard to also gain awareness for the distress being suffered by the animals.

  5. Export and Vet papers are not that relevant, at least not in Europe but the studbooks interchange data before the new studbook will register.

    I suggest you contact the Turkish studbook and ask what they need as a minimum. If the Syrian studbook is on same level as other WAHO studbooks, they keep a DNA database and normally the WAHO studbook that is asked to register the mare, even when handed over the original pedigree of the Syrian studbook and sales agreement, they will probably ask the Syrian studbook a copy of the DNA and other information.

    If the Syrian studbook don’t provide that info, chances are you will run against a brick wall

    Good luck

  6. there is also a big sanitory problem with syria name “glanders” so importations from syria and/or south of turkey to europe for instance are now prohibited. Our 2009 importations like Hussam, Dahess, Marboob, Nimr etc have been controled negativ two years ago.

  7. Does that import ban extend to horse eggs and sperm?

  8. I have flu right now so my brain is not working too well but I would LOVE to find a way to help with this, as a vet and at my own expense… if there is anything that I could do…semen would have to be frozen and meet standards of disease control that may not be currently practical….
    The veterinary controls between Turkey and Syria were virtually non existent when we were there….

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