Rishat Khudr al-Khawwaf

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 3rd, 2015 in Syria

Still digging into photo archives from ten years ago. These two pictures of the beautiful Rishah Shar’abiyah mare of Khudr al-Khawwaf, taken at sunset in October 2005 near Qamishli, Syria are one of them. Her dam is a daughter of al-Aawar, and the strain traces to the marbat of Hawwash al-Hatmi of the ‘Abdah clan of the Shammar.

rishat khodr

rishat khodr1


7 Responses to “Rishat Khudr al-Khawwaf”

  1. I am so glad that you these photos as a record of what was.

  2. such e wonderfull mare, seems very powerfull and fast…

  3. I’m remembering that we see when we were with Jean-Claude Rageot and Louis Bouduin on april 2008 in Qamishli the mare Harbet As-Saleh daughter of Reeshah Al A’dieat daughter itself of Sheikhet Al Fnaish (breeder Hawash Al Heithami) with Al Aawar. Jean-Claude was interested to buy a very nice son of Harbet.

  4. That’s her sister.

    This one’s name was Layla Al Khawwaf, born 1993, by Da’jani Saleh out of Reeshah Al Adieyat, (1987) herself by Al Aawar (Radwan’s stallion) out of Shaykhat Al Fnaish (aged), by the Saqlawi Jadran of Mohammad al-Fares Sheykh of Tai, out of the original Reeshah Shar’abiyah of Hawwash Al Hathmi.

  5. Harbet Al Saleh was by Mash-hoor Shammar, the Saqlawi Shaifi (ibn Bisra) of Hameedi Al Dham the supreme Sheykh of the Shammar in Syria.

  6. ????? ???? .

  7. Masha Allah

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