Saad II, Kuhaylan al-Khdili in Syria

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 29th, 2014 in Syria

I don’t know if this stallion of excellent lines is still alive or not, but a reader asked about him. He was bred by Radwan Shabareq in Aleppo, and given to the late Mustafa al-Jabri who used him at stud. I knew him as a newborn, as a colt and as a stallion.

His mother bellonged to an old Bedouin, ‘Aboud al-‘Ali al-‘Amoud of al-Uqaydat, who was extremely attached to her, and held her in the highest esteem. He refused to part with her at any cost, despite many offers. He refused to breed her, because he did not think that any stallion he knew was worthy of her in purity or othewise.

Yusuf al-Rumaihi, the late Qatari consul in Syria (we are in the mid-1980s), a collector of desert-bred horses and an avid learner and fine connoisseur of desert lines, wanted her at any price, but the old Bedouin would not sell. The mare was getting up in age. He did agree to lease her, and the mare went to Damascus where she was bred to the Egyptian stallion Okaz (Wahag x Nazeemah). She foaled a filly which the Qatari consul retained. After this, the old Bedouin nagged so much that the Qatari consul returned her to him. By the time she reached old age, the old Bedouin agreed to lease her again to Radwan Shabareq after seeing his stallion Al-Aawar and conceding that he was worthy of her. She was bred to him, produced Saad II (al-Thani). The old Bedouin remained a frequent visitor of the mare at Radwan’s in Aleppo. I don’t know whether he took the mare back to die at his place.

Here is a picture I took of Saad II in 1999.

Saad Al Thani a Khdili (2)

5 Responses to “Saad II, Kuhaylan al-Khdili in Syria”

  1. Nice horse and story.

  2. the setting of his neck and the concavity of its arch are two of his few major defects.

  3. yeah his neck is set on low- lots of desertbreds have the same issue.. however the sloping T of his hindquarters- clearly shown in this photo is special and exemplary, along with his coupling. he does appear to be able to use a few more groceries, and he has especially good bone- no toothpick halter horse cannons here! I’d bet most breeders could fix the neck in a couple of generations.
    Do you know his strain?
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  4. Kuhaylan Khdili, which is a branch of Kuhaylan ‘Ajuz (one of the best)

  5. D’apres Radwan Shabarek la grand mère maternelle de Saad II avait permis a deux membres de la famille d’Aboud Al Ali Al Amoud de revenir d’Irak in extremis, tous les deux sur la juments sans être inquiétés par leurs poursuivants

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