By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 12th, 2009 in General

My daughter Samarcande (Edouard x Delphine), a 2008 part-bred Arab, is now 18 months, and claps her hands when she sees a horse’s picture on the laptop. Not a good sign for the future..


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  1. It is obviously not possible to have a more beautiful child. You might have another that is beautiful in another way, but this one is perfect as she is!!

  2. Thanks 🙂 She can be a handful, though, and she is certainly keeping me busy..

  3. This is some really beautiful ‘part-bred’… 😉

    Seems that she have caught some bad virus, though – and I’m almost certain that she got it from you, Edouard… 😉 It’s called ‘arabitis’…



    PS: (on a serious note) you have an absolutley adorable little daughter! Congrats to you and your wife!

  4. I have been reading through the archives and just today finished with June 2008, so it is with surprise and delight that I see before me another photo of the delightful and delicious Samarcande. As to your somewhat alarmed observation that she claps her hands upon seeing the image of a horse, may I offer this amusing gem: “Samarcande will be five months old next week. She better become a horse freak.”

    Answered prayers, Edouard, answered prayers…. 🙂 I see a farm in your future.

  5. If they didn’t keep you busy, why would you have them? You could have a figurine on a shelf and just dust it occasionally.

  6. Thanks for sharing a very personal side of you Edouard. Your daughter is beautiful and will bring you much joy. I know, I have 2 of them, whom I adore with all my heart but unfortunately, are not horse lovers.

  7. With the strong traits of Arabitis running in your family through the sire line for at least two generations that I know of, looks like a case of ‘like grandfather, like father, like daughter’, to me!!!

    Whatever the case, she is simply adorable and I volunteer to babysit anytime, but you must drop her off here!!

  8. Lovely foal ( “muhr” -in arabic-I think) But don’t forget,the sireline must survive too….You will come a beautiful,but not easy future..I know it,because
    I have both,foal and colt also,but they are 21 and 22.

    Best wishes,

  9. To both parents: Thanks for bringing such a beautiful, and no doubt, bright child into the world. The look in Samarcande’s eyes offers great hope for her future and for the future of the true Arabian horse.

  10. Thanks to you all for your lovely words. I didn’t mean to be fishing for compliments when I posted this photo.. but the photo has been lingering on my laptop for some time, and I couldn’t resist..

  11. Fish all you want, Edouard. You must be so proud. She is a little gem.

  12. I hope for Semitic Arab Child Samarcande Good Happy life and good future

  13. What a cutie! Wonder what she’s thinking…

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