Shadows Aana for 2017

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 8th, 2016 in General

This is the mare I will be breeding this spring. Shadows Aana (SS Shadowfax x Juans Aana by El Reata Juan), a 2000 Ma’naqiyah Sbayliyah with five crosses to Julyan (and hence, Julep, and Gulastra), three crosses to Antez, and two crosses to Hanad (through his daughter Schiba) has been with me since last July.

She will be bred to my Jamr, who will add another fourteen crosses to Antez, ten more to Gulastra and five to Hanad, through Sanad, Tripoli, Ibn Hanad and Ameer Ali.

Their conformations are also consistent with each other: both have deep jowls, short backs, and are built like tanks.

Shadows Aana


7 Responses to “Shadows Aana for 2017”

  1. That breeding will result in a very interesting, Old American line pedigree. I will be anxious to see!

  2. Based on her picture above, that will be a wonderful match!

  3. Nice, thanks for keeping Maynesboro Stud in the mix!

  4. Hello Edward
    Thank you for this wonderful Entries

    I liked to be informed of new filly

    It Bahraini daughter Kahilan Aavs terrible ” previously introduced here” and her mother obyah Nagdih authentic

    Greetings to you and your followers

    * Image in the age of Hours
    * video at the age of 3 days

  5. Congratulations, and mashaallah

  6. thank you

  7. Mr . edouard haw are you . i would like to informe you that i have jallbait,t fisal filly it.s najd pure bloodline . and i want to be owne or possess al dahmah om amer strain . but i want to know that which dahmah om amer or dahmah amer is pure bloodline until naw or at thes moment .

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