Shuwayman Fahad, 2011 stallion, France

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 2nd, 2011 in France

Arnault Decroix is now the proud owner of the weanling Shuwayman Fahad (Mahboob Halab (SYR) x Shueymah Sabbah by Mokhtar (SYR)), a Shuwayman Sabbah bred by Jean-Claude Rajot in France. This exceptional young fellow is the son and the grandson of two stallions of Shammar lines imported from Syria to France in the late 1990s and the late 2000s respectively. I think you will hear a lot about this horse in the coming years, especially in the endurance realm.


7 Responses to “Shuwayman Fahad, 2011 stallion, France”

  1. Very well built colt – Okay, now I don’t get it anymore, you always mention how the syrian ones need until 7-8 years until they’re mature enough to see what you get but this colt is no different from any other Arabian, I don’t think it needs a lot of imagination to see that he will be a horse with exceptional bone, fairly well laid back shoulder, short back and very strong croup. The neck seems fairely refined as well. The head is rather plain but could dry out, if you know the parents, it could give an idea.

  2. Nice colt Arnault.
    Will watch out for him in endurance!!

  3. Sure, lisa. Very good locomotion ant very clever for a 6 years old colt.

  4. Wow! One to keep an eye on…

  5. Keep an eye on indeed.. He’s going to be capable of doing High School- and combined training, mark my words.
    Bruce Peek

  6. Maybe we will see him at the inaugural ‘Real Arab Fest’ that you and Yasser suggested Bruce!
    (I know there are geographical issues here but perhaps by the time he’s old enough there may be such a thing in Europe!)

  7. In regards to my comments “Very good locomotion ant very clever for a 6 years old colt” please read 6 months old. I m in a hurry to see it at 6 years old!…

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