Small number of tail female lines at Ali Pasha Sharif post 1875 disease

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 29th, 2015 in General

This morning I was reflecting on the number of tail females left at the Stud of Ali Pasha Sharif after the plague which ravaged his stud around 1875, until his death in 1897. It is surprisingly small:

1) Ghazieh line (Saqlawi Jadran ibn Sudan); mares: Horra, Helwa, Bint Helwa, Johara, Bint Horra, Yemameh (dam of Mesaoud); stallions: Wazir, Amir (Aziz x Horra) offered for sale to Blunts but declined; young stock: Ghazala, Mesaoud, Ibn Johara, Ibn Helwa, Ibn Yemameh Sr, Ghazieh, etc.

2) Nura line (Dahman Najib); mares: Bint Nura Esh-Shakra, various Bint Nura mares (a brown, a bay and a white); stallions: Ibn Nura; Ibn Bint Nura El Hamra (offered for sale to the Blunts March 5 1891 but declined); young stock: (ibn) Mahruss; Abu Khasheb; Kaukab

3) Faras Naqadan line (Dahman Shahwan); mares: Bint ‘Azz (went to Amato the dealer), Mumtaza, Bint Mumtaza (Badiaa); stallions: Aziz, Azz (Aziz x Mumtaza) offered to the Blunt who delined, Nasrat; young stock: Bint Bint Azz; Sahab;

4) Arussa line (Kuhaylan Nawwaq); mares: Noma, Bint Arussa (Harkan x Arussa);

5) Jellabiet Feysul line (Kuhaylan Jallabi); mares: Bint Bint Jellabiet Feysul; Makbula; El Argaa; Yamama; young stock: Khatila; (Bint) Makbula; Kasida; Manokta; Jellabieh; Merzuk; Yatima (the orphan, missed getting); Kasida’s brother at Moharrem Pasha’s, Feysul, etc.

6) Samha line (Saqlawi Jadran ibn Sbeyni); mares: Bint Fereyha; Bint Jamila; Fulana; Fasiha; stallions: … ; young stock: Bint Bint Jamila; Aziza; Jamil; etc.

7) Zarifa line (Saqlawi Jadran Semni); stallions: Ibn Zarifa Sr (Aziz x Zarifa); young stock: Ibn Zarifa Jr. [perhaps same line as Samha line, perhaps different]

8) Faras Bandar ibn Saadun (Wadnan Khursan); stallions: Mahruss (Wazir x Mahrussa); mares: Bint Mahrussa (non asil); young stock: Bint Bint Mahrussa (non asil);

9) Faras ibn Khalifeh (Dahman Shahwan); stallions: Shahwan (Wazir x mare of Muhammad Sadyk Pasha); [perhaps same line as number 3, perhaps different]

10) Selma line (Hamdani Simri); mares: Sobha; Safra; young stock: Ibn Safra; Antar; Sherif;

11) Roga El Beda line (Saqlawi Jadran): mares: Roga (at Ahmed Pasha); [perhaps same line as #6 or #7, perhaps different, no way to check]

12) Sabha El Zarka line (Saqlawi Jadran): mares: Sabha (at Ahmed Pasha) [perhaps same line as #6 or #7 or #12, perhaps different, no way to check]

Given this small number, it would seem possible that the Dahmah Shahwan mare presented by Ali Pasha Sherif to the Khedive Abbas Hilmi (or more correctly, to his father Khedive Tewfik) is from the line of Faras Naqadan/’Azz/Mumtaza. Too bad the line died out and we can’t test this hypothesis with mtDNA analysis.

In bold horses bought by the Blunts (non-exhaustive list).

One Response to “Small number of tail female lines at Ali Pasha Sharif post 1875 disease”

  1. I have three mares and some foals out of the strain: Seglawieh Jedraniewh of Ibn Sudan ( Bin Helwa) Perhaps it is spelled a bit differently other places. I was wondering if you can tell me a bit more about the history of this strain or if you know of any links with information.
    I also have another mare of the strain Keheilet Dajani ( Dajani oa 1876) If you know of anything regarding this strain I would be grateful to know.
    I find the original desert horses very interesting, and if there is anything I can do in my breeding to help to preserve those, I would be happy to do so.
    Thank you for your help.

    Warm regards


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