Spartan Krush, 2012, asil Kuhaylan al-Krush stallion in Illinois

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 23rd, 2013 in General

HH Spartan Krush (HH Solstice Krush x HH Nadirah Krush), the young colt at Kim Davis’ in Capron, Illinois, is simply magnificent.


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  1. I think Kim’s talented daughter Taylor took this. Good photo of a good colt!

  2. Be still my heart! Brass Band CF goes on! I did not know he had get (HH Solstice Krush)! YAY KIM!

  3. beautiful young colt

  4. Kim seems to be one of those breeders with a good eye for a horse coupled with the ability to recognize successful breeding patterns in her stock and continue to capitalize on them from one generation to the next.

  5. by a Brassband son out of a Janub Al Krush (who also brought in Laertes) granddaughter… not to mention the variety of June offspring as well as those of Asara herself.

    Here are some photos of Kim’s horse’s from years ago:

    and Janub here on DaughterOfTheWind:

    AnitaW who still remembers Janub, a favorite

  6. That the dam has two lines to Porthos and that the sire is a son of Sarra Al Krushah is all I need to know. This must be a spectacular colt as his picture would indicate. Congratulations Kim!!!!

  7. Thank you all! I do have to admit I couldn’t be happier with him – and, he will be staying here to be used in my breeding program. He does have a 2 week old full sister that is going to be just as stunning. Sadly, I can’t keep them all, so be looking to hear more about her!

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