Speculation on the origin of the Kuhaylan al-Ajuz line of *Nufoud

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 9th, 2017 in General

“Belle” (photo below) is one of just four Al Khamsa mares from the female line of *Nufoud, a Kuhaylat al-‘Ajuz from the stud of King of ‘Abd al-Aziz Aal Saud of Saudi Arabia, imported to the USA in 1931. When *Nufoud was born around 1925, Saudi Arabia was still known as the “Kingdom of Najd and the Hijaz”.

Peter Upton, in the tables at the end of the book “Royal Heritage: The Story of Jordan’s Arab Horses”, mentions that *Nufoud was from originally from the stud of the Hashemite King of Hijaz, ‘Ali ibn al-Hussain, whose short-lived kingdom was overtaken by the Saudis in late 1925.

I don’t know the source of Upton’s information, but it is certainly likely, since the Kuhaylan al-‘Ajuz strain was bred by the Hashemites in the Hijaz. A mare from this strain accompanied King ‘Abdallah (King ‘Ali’s brother) on the armed march northwards from Hijaz to Syria, during the Arab Revolt of 1916-17, and founded a line that still exists at the Royal Stud of Jordan.

The Saudis maintained a stud near Ta’if, in the Hijaz, which Dr. Ahmed Mabrouk of the Egypt RAS visited in 1936. This stud may well have included horses taken from the stud of the Kings of Hijaz. There was also a stud in al-Khorma, on the border between Hijaz and Najd, from which the mare *Turfa, incidentally also a Kuhaylat al-Ajuz (per the letter Brigadier Anderson sent to Henri Babson), hailed from.

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  1. hi ,fisrt thank you very much for you. i like to read your blog every day..

    i asked before about krush and i am waiting for your answer

    you said the leaders of mutayr tribe. those who owned the krush strain are watban (late nineteenth cenrtury) ?

    what is your source indicate that watban owned the krush?

    thank you very much

  2. dear Bader,

    Let me search for it. I don’t remember anymore, it was some time ago. I believe it is Lady Anne Blunt.

    Are you from the line of Watban?

  3. yes i am from line of watban.

    i read rosemary ancher book corresbonds lady anne blunt, lady anne mention for watban when he talked with mutlak about doughty book deserat arabia becuse he said mutayr shaikh was sick come to him , mutlak replied that was watban.

    so when i read your comment about krush belong to watban , i do not read it before.

    if you help us to find where you read this

    thank you

  4. have you heard about this book The Blue Arabian Horse Catalog?

  5. yes, what about it?

  6. this book menion for father of watban ..

    umar aldawish ?

    did you read about umar ?

    what the name of his horse

  7. Hello Badr, I checked again, and it appears I was wrong. There is no reference in Western literature to the ownership by Watban (the second Watban, who lived in the time of the visit of Charles Doughty, Watban ibn ‘Umar ibn Muhammad ibn Faysal ibn Watban al-Dawish) of the Krush strain. I am sorry, and I will correct it.

    Within the clan of the Dawish, there are written references to the Krush mares being with al-Hamidi son Faysal, some of which went to the stud of ‘Abbas Pasha (according to the Abbas Pasha Manuscript). al-Hamidi had obtained the strain from his father Faysal, who had obtained the mare from al-Ghandur of the Buqum (also according to the makhtuta of Abbas Pasha).

    Also in the makhtuta, al-Hamidi gave a mare to his brother ‘Abdallah, who is the ancestor of the Aal ‘Ammash branch of the Dawish. From this branch of the Krush, came the mare of ‘Ammash al-Raja al-Dawish, known as the “white Krush”, Krush al-Baida, and famous for her speed.

  8. thank you very much for reply

    i read about horse of nejib owned by umar aldawish father of watban, at the end of book abbas pasha manuscript , there is list of horse was sent to appas pasha . Judith Forbis wrote at the end of her book the horse nejib and mare zaffa was owned by umar dauwish

    for more details:


    so i do not know how judith knews that nejib horse owned by umar dawish father of watban?

    i search i found carl raswan index mention to the nejib horse owned by umar dawish.

    the question :

    why carl raswan wrote nejib owned by umar? i do not have book index raswan , if you know more details about the horse nejib please let me know about it.

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