Study on Genetic Structure of Nomadic Bedouin from Kuwait

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 22nd, 2012 in General

Anita Enander sent me this very interesting study on the “Genetic Structure of Nomadic Bedouin from Kuwait“.  It’s about people, not horses.


One Response to “Study on Genetic Structure of Nomadic Bedouin from Kuwait”

  1. This is an interesting article; genetics matter- the historic information is invaluable and after many scientists study here, this allows for geographical and “social grouping” to be better understood.
    I have 2 questions just as an interest of my own:
    1.) Is this the reason that Dr. Wilson recently has made a public comment and effort to change his “theory” after years of study pertaining to individuals and “natural selection”; into a view as well as support of benefits and recognition regarding sustainability of “social grouping”? The study covers thousands of years.
    2.) How does this affect the recent effort by “modernized” planners to take and relocate the tribes out of the desert to subsidized housing? I feel this may of great detriment to the cultural history-just a thought.

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