Subanet Jabbar SDA, 2007 Saqlawi Jadran stallion in Idaho

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 9th, 2018 in General

This spring will be the time to breed my Ginger, who is now at Bev Davison’s in Idaho. A strong contender is Bev’s junior stallion, Subanet Jabbar SDA (Summer Sonnet SDA x Bint Bint Subani by Ibn Saafaddan), a tail female Gulida, and an even blend of old Doyle and Babson bloodlines.

I find it almost miraculous that this female line of Saqlawis to Ghazieh has more survived 170 years outside the desert first in Egypt, then in England then in the United States, uninterrupted, in asil form.

5 Responses to “Subanet Jabbar SDA, 2007 Saqlawi Jadran stallion in Idaho”

  1. Crossing fingers for Ginger’s covering! A very nice lover for her.

  2. Excellent! All best wishes.
    My (not-so) secret wish is that one day Ginger could be bred to Bashir al Dirri (Tamaam DE x Sarita Bint Raj).

  3. I wish all the best, wonderful stallions for a wonderful mares

  4. Jenny, that’s an idea! Maybe we could make it happen. Bev in Indian Valley ID is only a few hours away from your horse.

  5. I’m with Jenny, too. Bashir needs to have some ladies!

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