Syria 2007 Video of WAHO Convention

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 18th, 2013 in Syria

Jeanne Craver just shared with some of us on the Al Khamsa board this video of the WAHO 2007 convention in Syria. Jeanne expresses it well when she writes: “It is such a bittersweet film, linking our minds to that wonderful trip and all of the spectacular photos, with the constant reminder of the disaster in Syria now….”


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  1. J’ai revu la vidéo avec beaucoup d’émotion.Quel désastre!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I could not watch it without tears, though it brought back fond memories of my time there at a more peaceful time. I see some familiar faces some of which may now never be seen again and perhaps the same for some of these cherished horses. Bittersweet is an understatement.

    The spirit of this film must be remembered for its true sentiment of the joy of a culture which is truly generous and friendly and loves its heritage and its horses. I experienced it first hand and it must not be forgotten that this is a reflection of the inherent good in humanity which when the dust of war settles will return as peace returns.

  3. Glorious!

  4. Joe, I love your comment.

  5. I envy those of you who have experiences first hand the joy and beauty depicted in this video. Though I’ve never been there, I too had tears in my eyes while watching as on the TV screen at the same time there were images of shattered Syria today. As my horse, Mandour, is part Syrian I feel some connection with that country, a place and a culture I would have loved, I am sure. Thank you for posting that video, Jeanne.

  6. Elena, if you want an enjoyable diversion away from today’s anguish and pain back to another time, find the book: Between the Desert and the Deep Blue Sea, A Syrian Journey, by Gill Suttle. It is the story of his 1978 journey through Syria on horseback, riding a Shammar bred stallion named Madfaa, which was obtained for him with the help of Basil Jadaan. I found my copy on Amazon.

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