Tail female asil lines in South Africa (non-Egyptian)

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 10th, 2010 in General, South Africa

In Keeping with the two previous entries, here are the non-Egyptian asil tail female lines remaining in South Africa today:


1) Rodania, through Rosina (Saoud x Ruth by Bendigo), Kuhaylah Rudaniyah (branch of K. al-‘Ajuz), imported to the UK in 1881, bred by the Ruwalah (‘Anazah)

2) Freiha al-Hamra, through Barakah, Kuhaylan Mimrihiyah, imported to Egypt in the 1880s, and bred by the Fad’aan (‘Anazah)

5 Responses to “Tail female asil lines in South Africa (non-Egyptian)”

  1. Eduard,congratulations on your excellent blog! I usually cant wait for the next post , but these resent posts on asil strains are really educational for me as beginner in South Africa! Am I correct that our other 1945 import from Egypt , Nabilah , will count under the Saqlawi Jidraniyah strain , through Bint Helwa?
    Is this SE line closely related to those in the USA? I could not found much info regarding her on your blog , is it because your focus is not on SE breeding or are they not that rare?

    As the proud owner of a said to be infertile Kuhaylan Mimrihiyah mare, Sidi Pamela , I am realy fond of the KM strain , specially after I have learned a lot about them by reading your old posts!

    I will keep reading if you keep posting!


  2. Hi Paul,
    thanks for the vote of confidence and
    yes you are correct about everything. The Nabilah (enzahi x zamzam) line is SA falls under Bint Helwa (from Bint Radia to Radia to Ghazala to Bint Helwa), and is Straight Egyptian (unlike the Bint Barakah line, which has Tuwaisaan and the Rosina line which has the Courthouse stallions) so it is not mentioned specifically here. Also, the focus on this website is not on the Straight Egyptians, not because they are not asil (they are), but rather because there is already too much focus on them elsewhere. The real focus is other authentic (asil) non-Egyptian lines.

  3. Hi Eduouart. Thank you again on this special blog. I have manage to also obtain a Kuhaylan Mimrihiyah mare in the name of Assad Nikita nou 21 years og age and had put her to my black Rosina damline stallion Kromar Xoyatan. His sire’s dam line is also the Nabilah that was mentioned by Paul. My aim is to combine the old asil lines as well as all the 1945 imports. It is something my father had wished a long time for. Nikita seems pregnant and i expect the foal end of 2017. Xoyatan and his full sister Kromar Xorina already have them all in the pedegree but not as dam lines.

  4. Congratulations Hamman!

  5. What a beautiful, dream-like cross. A tail female Kuhaylat al-Mimrah mare from the Barakah line (with a cross to Tuwayssan from Bahrain), bred to a tail female Kuhaylan Rodan mare from the Rosina line (with crosses to Nimr and Atesh from the Musgrave Clark program) and two additional crosses to Barakah through her son Gordonville Ziyadan (Zahir x Barakah). I wish you good luck.

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