Tail Female Rabanna

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 10th, 2013 in General

Is anyone interested in going through the online roster and tracking down how many tail female Rabanna mares of breeding age?



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  1. Hi Edouard, check your email. I sent you a complete Al Khamsa extant tail female Rabanna chart last night (Sunday) based on AHA Datasource progeny records.

  2. Here’s the list Joe is referring to:

    a quick review of living possibles AK Tail Female Rabanna from AHA:
    Daughters indented under mothers

    First branch: Kualoha (Ghadaf x Rabanna):
    The line from Kualice RSI only remains in the 20 year old Shebas Moriah LHF
    owned by Deb Schrishuhn with no registered daughters
    Unless there is something younger in Israel from Queen of Sheba RSI’s line.

    The line from Kumoniet RSI has descent via her daughters:
    1989 Ghaminarsi RSI (x Monietor-RSI)
    1995 Tassan Marah (x Apple Hill Arah): no foals yet
    1997 Rabanna Legacy (x Alsonefis)
    2006 Jasminanna (x Solar Reflection): no foals yet
    1998 Rabanna Pride (x Alsonefis): no foals yet
    2004 DA Ghamina Moon (x DB Destiny Moniet)
    2012 filly Hilal Maha (x DA Serr Rashad)
    1984 Kumence RSI:
    1994 SongOfJoy RSI (x Rasmon Nefous RSI)
    1998 DA Elusive Melody (x DB Destiny Moniet)
    2004 DA Willow Windsong (x Serr Serabaar): no foals yet
    2007 DA Dawn Song (x Serr Serabaar)
    2011 Zariffah Noufous (DA Sonimoniets Nafir)
    1998 DA Ginger Moon (x DB Destiny Moniet)
    2003 DA Sonieta Moon (x Sonyet)
    2010 Jabears Azales Moniet (x Dymoni RSI)
    2005 DA Ebony Moon (x Serr Serabaar): no foals yet
    2007 DA Tiffany TU (x Alnaszrs Ali LHF): no foals yet
    2000 DA Moon Dancer (x DB Destiny Moniet): no foals yet
    2001 DA Mysti Moon (x DB Destiny Moniet): no foals yet

    Secon Branch: Naszra (Rashad Ibn Nazeer x Rabanna):
    Naszumi RSI (x Umi)
    1980 Nasr Surprise RSI (x Rasmon Nefous RSI)
    1986 Ebs Surprise LHF (x Ebony Nefous): all her line is in Europe so I don’t know details here
    1991 Nasgana LHF (x Greggan)
    1997 Narifa (x Shahwan El Sharif): no foals yet
    2005 April Storm TFB (x Ibn Golmoniet): no foals yet
    1992 GNS Missy LHF (x Greggan): no daughters yet
    2001 SM Swan Song (x Alnaszrs Ali LHF): no foals yet
    1982 Robin RSI: her only daughter is 1994 Alkuvala RSI (x Almoniet RSI) with no foals by age 19
    Naszeera (x Umi)
    1977 Sara Moniel (x Fakher El Din)
    1984 Saracence RSI (x Kuval)
    1996 OT Moniet RSI (x Drkumo RSI)
    2006 OT Bint Moniet RSI (x Rave On Ravenwood): no foals yet
    1998 OT Dysara RSI (x Drkumo RSI)
    2004 OT Sara Moniet RSI (x Rave On Ravenwood): no foals yet
    2008 OT Rasa RSI (x Rave On Ravenwood): no foals yet
    1988 Blusara RSI (x Blue Boy)
    1994 Alsara RSI (x Almoniet RSI)
    1998 Bint Naszrence (x Naszrence RSI): no foals yet
    2002 EA Doha Sara (x Hasan Ibn Doha): no foals yet
    1995 Albluea RSI (x Almoniet RSI): no foals yet
    1999 OT Trisara RSI (x Trimoniet RSI)
    2007 OT Ghora RSI (x Rave On Ravenwood): no foals yet
    Naszare RSI (x Alcibiades)
    1982 Pinnacle (x Mnahi RSI)
    1995 Bint Pinnacle (x Rajeer RSI): no foals yet
    1985 Moniet Unity (x Dymoniet RSI)
    1995 OT Moniet Raji RSI (x Rajeer RSI): no daughters yet
    1997 OT Sauri RIS (x Sario RSI): no foals yet
    1987 Bluewhite RSI (x Blue Boy)
    1995 Alblu Nefusa RSI (x Almoniet RSI): no daughters yet

  3. In the Ghahmonarsi branch you are missing her daughter DA Mmona Moon (2005). She and DA Tiffany Tu (on the list) are with Sheila Harmon. Sheila considers these the best Rabanna mares she bred.

  4. These tail female Rabannas need to be cherished and protected as a national treasure. No one else in the world has them.

  5. Rabanna, I knew the horse well and her offspring. Even hauled the horse, once for Richard. When loading she escaped out a small side door, both Richard and I were not amused, until much later. I rode a number of her offspring. She never look all that well in the winter, but spring, she was lovely. This is the only mare that I did not own an offspring from, not to sure why. Her foals were very well mannered. Except one, we were in the stall with others. One person was not being so nice, so Richard said to the mare bite her! And she did!

    I went and helped Richard for years, for the most part we were friends.

    When my wife was dying, I stopped going. Years later I returned for a visit, we talked a lot, and then went to see the horses. He was upset as the horses were mostly gone. When leaving, I said good bye, he said don’t wait another ten years. He was right, it had been ten years. He died shortly after that visit. There are many stories that I had with those horses and Richard. We were friends, I met him at a show I was having. He filled the Gallery with flowers, he was friends of the Gallery Owners. His friend, Georgia O’Keefe was there also. The owners were, a Supreme Court Judge and his wife
    was on the National Board of Arts.

    What does this have to do with Rabanna? Not to much,except the crowd of people she hung around with. She took her place next to Bint Moniet as did their foals.

    Nice you, Edouard, have brought mention to a wonderful Mare. And Joe for doing the work.

    JMH/ Bedouin Arabians

  6. Thanks Anita for catching that one. The first mona moon died before production so I forgot to see the second one listed with 2ms. Posting the list on this blog is too confusing to read because the format does not show the indented mother / daughter patterns or the ones I marked in red showing breeding age females 10 years old or younger.

    Also, Jackson I enjoyed hearing your comments. Brings back memories. It was my first visit to you in 1975 that prompted me to follow up with a visit to your neighbor Richard Pritzlaff.

  7. Joe, if you will email me the list, I will try to post it separately with the formatting intact.

  8. Hi Ambar, Just got back and saw your request so I have emailed the file to you. Thanks for taking care of this. The file includes Anita’s correction.

  9. Hi everyone. First time I’ve visited the blog in months and noticed this about Rabanna. QueenofSheba RSI, tail-female to Rabanna, was exported to Israel and produced offspring. Off the top of my head I remember I-Asil Shebas Song, as her dam died soon after foaling and we raised her by hand. She was sired by Negev (Serr El Roc x Fakhers Teekatu)and did produce asil progeny. Will look it up and post soon.
    Will also see if there may have been others out of QueenofShebaRSI who escape my memory at the moment.
    All the best!

  10. Thanks Tzivah. I remember you sending me photos of this mare. She looked lovely.

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