Ten years of Daughters of the Wind

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 16th, 2018 in General

Ten years already. I can hardly believe it.

I feel so blessed for the old friends it has allowed me to keep in touch with, and the new friends it has allowed me to make, from around the world. Above all, I feel blessed for the collective knowledge and memory gathered here.

One day we will all meet face to face, from Germany and the USA and France and the UK and Chile and Hungary and Canada and Croatia and Tunisia and South Africa and Australia and Spain and Pakistan and Belgium and Morocco and Egypt and Lebanon and Iraq and Saudi Arabia and Egypt and Iran and Israel and Palestine and many, many other places around the world.

And we can all already tell what will be on the menu of discussions.

10 Responses to “Ten years of Daughters of the Wind”

  1. Thanks. You opened a window. Keep it open, please!
    I thank you a lot, and to those who have lived in the opportunity, they shared their knowledge and opinions.

    Long live the Blog!Long live Edouard!

    Congratulation to the birthday!

    Best wishes for the future,

  2. Congratulations,thank you by help many of us to understand the world of the arabian horse their culture and people.God bless you and DAUGHTERS OF THE WIND.

  3. Happy anniversary of the blog! I wish many more years of wonderful talk and sharing of infos about our precious Asil horses.

  4. Edouard: This blog has provided a very much needed source for furthering discussion and support of Asil lines of arabians while reinforcing the idea that cradle country Asils wold be a tremedous help in restoring much needed leg bone, body substance and movement to our overly refined and ethereal ,’westernised,’ horses.
    Bruce Peek

  5. And we are so thankful!

  6. Merci de l’avoir mis en place et de le faire vivre depuis tout ce temps. Personnellement, j’y ai appris beaucoup de choses, découvert des éleveurs, des lignées dont je ne connaissais même as l’existence. Et accessoirement, il est depuis bien longtemps un support que je partage aux personnes qui veulent en apprendre plus sur toutes ces lignées

  7. Edouard, your friendship and knowledge will last a lifetime to me, and your magnificent blog many more years beyond that. Thank you so much for DOW and also for all you have done for the Arabian horse we all love.

  8. Thank you so much for all the important and educational information you have made available, you’ve opened up a whole new world of Arabians for me and given me a deep appreciation for all that is Asil.

    Sandie Leon

  9. Though I only found this blog 7 years ago it has transformed the equestrian part of my life. From the day I responded to a post by you looking for help with the Al Khamsa Preservation Task Force my life has been irrevocably altered. And my 3 horse farm was transformed to house just Al Khamsa Arabians. And most importantly you and your family became my friends! Long may you blog my friend!

  10. That ten years is nothing compared to the great legacy of the blog that you have created. I hope it will be many more years. And personally thank you for all the knowledge, skills, concepts, etc., that I have learned to defend the true Asil horse, not the “western arabian horse”. I hope someday you can come to Chile.


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