Terina, 1911 Hadbat Enzahi of Davenport lines

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 5th, 2015 in General

What a balanced, well-built, harmonious desert-looking mare. You can see the influence of both *Hamrah and *Haleb on her. She was by *Hamrah out of *Meleky (*Haleb x *Hadba). Does anyone know where this look can be found in today’s Davenports?


4 Responses to “Terina, 1911 Hadbat Enzahi of Davenport lines”

  1. I wish I had a side view photo of Kaleela Krush LD. Except for the head, her body looks very similar. ADA Skylarking, also, has the same strong shoulder and hip of this mare. Ternia does resemble some of the present day Hadban Enzahi strain Davenports but most do not have quite as nice a hindquarter as she.

  2. I see much of RL Bilquis in this mare. Perhaps you should speak with Kathryn Toth about breeding Penny to a Davenport stallion of your choice to get what you want. You really liked Penny’s foal by RL Thunder Cloud, Suri Al Sahra.

  3. The influence of *Muson/Letan, and of *Reshan, so visible in most Davenports, has prevailed over this type. ADA Skylarking has that hidden but not so remote line to *Haleb of course.

  4. I think the Dirks family have a mare similar to Terina.

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