Thabit Pasha the Wakil of APS

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 14th, 2014 in Egypt

Another character who makes occasional appearances in Lady Anne Blunt’s Journals is Thabit Pasha, who acted as Wakil (Trustee) for Ali Pasha Sherif’s estate in the later years of his life, and who was a central character in the process of Lady Anne’s acquisition of the remnant of the Stud of Ali Pasha Sharif in December 1896 and January 1897.

The genealogical tree of the royal house of Mohammed Ali the Great has his as: “Muhammad Sabit Pasha (b. 1820; d. 1901), Private Secretary to Muhammad ‘Ali the Great 1847-1848, Minister for Justice 1878, of Charitable Endowments, Education and the Interior 1884, Khedevial Envoy at Istanbul 1881-1882, President of the Privy Council. 1884-1901, a younger son of the Circassian Chief of the Nahoush.”

According to the same tree, Sabit/Thabit Pasha married a daughter of Zohra, who was one of Mohammed Ali the Great’s sisters. He appears to have been one of the country’s highest officials, and the head of the Khedive’s advisers when he acted as Wakil for Ali Pasha Sharif. The site goes on to list Aziz Bey Sabit as one of his sons, this being the same Aziz Bey Thabit whom Lady Anne mentions as a visitor to Sheykh Obeyd Stud in her Journals.

By the way, the Nahoush were one of the main tribes/grouping of the Circassians/Cherkess/Adyghe people in their native Circassia (a region now part of Russia, where Sotchi lies among other places).

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  1. Mohamed Sabit Pasha had nine sons by several wives whom he outlived, although he was never married to more than one at any one time. His first wife was a niece of the Viceroy Mohamed Aly Pasha, and Mohamed Pasha seems to have been one of the Viceroy’s favorites. Certainly he held Ministerial positions almost continuously from 1863 until 1883. I am the grandson of his 8th son; Mahmoud Sabit Pasha (1889-1966) and am his last descendent. I am very interested that he appears in the capacity you mention in Lady Blount’s journal on Arabian Horses. I have been intent on reading her journal as another of my ancestors seems to also appear in this document, he is Moharram Chahine Pasha (son of Field Marshal Chahin Genj Pasha, Minister of Defence, Khedive Ismail period) who both kept and bred Arabian horses in Egypt, as well as thoroughbred horses whom he raced in Egypt and in France.

  2. Very pleased to meet you Mahmoud, and glad you happened upon this entry. Yes, indeed, Moharrem Pasha makes many appearances in these Journals, often in the company of Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfik, of whom he appears to have been a good friend. He appears as Moharrem Rustem, however. I will get you that Journal quote.

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