Thank you

By Joe Achcar

Posted on May 25th, 2008 in General

I thank you for welcoming me to Edouard’s blog, I’m 65 married with 3 step-sons, I raced arabians in Beirut without knowing that they were part breds, I owned Arabians in Brazil, without knowing that they were part-breds. I also raced Thouroughbreds in Sao Paulo, Brazil and was partner in a horse who won the Brazilian Derby.

My maternal great grandfather was Khalil Sarkis, the manager of “the Hamidie company” I wrote once an article on him and on the Hamidie bringing new lights on the way the horses were chosen. I also wrote on Davenport and on Ameen Zeitoun his “translator” with also new informations. Both infos were sent to the Craver’s at that time. I promise to post the two materials but I need time to rewrite them as they are in Arabic, and now is foaling time at the breeding farm… I manage two farms, the breeding one and the racing one located at the Damascus race track while the breeding farm is 15 miles far, we do have the best herd of bedouin racing mares, I promise to send pictures.

Edouard, please be kind in posting the Hussam picture it is in “the media library”. I’m so proud of him as I bought him when he was two and trained him for racing (he was trained only 15 days to pose for the show as show is not my cup of tea) I dont know how to post it, moreover I sent you, a while ago the picture of “Amirat el Arab” in my opinion the best racing bedouin mare in the world, togheter with the picture of my stallion “Al Bark” thank you in advance for posting them.


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  1. No,thank you Joe, it’s my pleasure having you on board. You have a lot to contribute. I am having trouble with posting photos these days, but working to solve it.

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