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This section features a number of articles I wrote on Desert Arabian horses.

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  1. As-Salaamu Alaikum,

    My Dear Brother, Edouard Al-Dahdah

    My name is Abu Uwais, I am of Moroccan decent by my father, my mother is American. I breed and raise True Asil Arabian horses here in Colorado,USA. First and foremost, I am always seeking to learn much more about True Asil Arabians and the Bedouin practice. I was very excited to find your Website. So I wish to ask if you would please consider me to be a student under you?. Secondly, I have a few questions to ask about True Asil Arabians. Here in the USA, Arabian horses are categorize by their country of origin such as, Egyptian, Davenports, CMK, Saudi, Polish, Spanish, etc. Have ever the Bedouin’s called their horses by such ‘origin’ names? Or, were they identified as simply Arabian’s or Asil Arabians? Thirdly, if an Asil Arabian has a Rasan but the sub-strain is not known, can a Bedouin (today)add a sub-strain name to her Rasan? Forth and lastly, I have a mare out of a Grand-dam which was imported to America from Jordan over thirty years ago. Neither her Dam nor Grand-dam were registered here. They were both bred back to Davenport Arabians. I have the Hujja of her Grand-Dam as listed in the Royal Jordanian Registry written in Arabic.

    I translated her tail female line as Hamdaniyah Efri. Also, the names of her Sire and Grand-sire that bred her Dam and Grand-dam. Would you mind to take a look at this Hujja and let me know if she is True Asil thru her Dam and Grand-dam as I suspect? I would mail you a copy if you would research her pedigree thru Jordan and let me know if her mare line is True Asil. My home phone number is (719) 387-7247 and my address is P.O. Box 39 Capulin Colorado, 81124. My wife and I live in the rural area at the foothills of Colorado mountains. Again, I would truly love to become a student of your’s to increase my knowledge of the True Asil and Bedouin ways of breeding Asil Arabians. I hope to prove my sincerity as a good student willing to study hard and seriously as Allaah is my witness. Insha Allah. I eagerly await your reply.
    Your brother,
    Abu Uwais

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