The book of King Abdallah I of Jordan

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 24th, 2010 in General

I am really looking forward to the forthcoming publication in English of the book of King Abdallah I of Jordan, edited by his great-granddaughter Princess Alia Bint al-Hussein. The book “Jawab al-Sa’el ‘an al-khayl al-asayil” is a short treatise mainly concerned with the physical characteristics of the Arabian horse, and was already published three times in Arabic, and all three editions are now out of print.

3 Responses to “The book of King Abdallah I of Jordan”

  1. Great news!
    I look forward to reading it … it is frustrating for a non Arabic reader to be unable to access such texts, grateful to Princess Alia.

  2. Where can we order the book, Edouard?

  3. Not sure, I know it is coming up, and that Peter Upton is involved..

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