The cemetery of Mohammed Nafea Pasha in Cairo

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 20th, 2014 in Egypt

Mohammed Nafie Pasha

He is the Mohammed Abu Nafie Pasha that is connected to the RAS foundation mares Nafaa El Saghira and (the elusive) Nafaa El Kabira, both of which are named after him.  The banner above reads: “The late Mohammed Nafea Pasha established this cemetery in 1921″, and the one on the left has his date of birth and date of death but these are not legible, in addition to his name.

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  1. Here is an obituary (2003) in Arabic of his grandson Counselor Ismail Yahia Nafie, son of Yahia Bey Nafie, son of Mohammed Pasha Nafie, in one of the egyptian newspapers.

  2. You are turning up wonderful detail to help us fill out the history represented in our horses themselves. Applause!

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