The Hamdaniyah of Fadlallah Jirjis from Qassis

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 10th, 2017 in Syria

In the same vein as this note in 2014: Fadlallah Jirjis, a Syrian Christian from the area of Wadi al-Nasara, and a close friend of Dr. Iskandar Qassis, owned a precious Hamdaniyat al-Simri mare from the Qassis herd. He would never be tired of repeating that she was from the breeding of ‘Ajaj (Ajaaaaaaj as he would say it) ibn Shibib, one of the Sba’ah leading Shaykhs.

She was a bay daughter of Sahab, the beautiful bay Ma’naqi Abu Sayfayn head stallion of Qassis; her daughter Zabia, was by Qassis’ other stallion, Kharuf, a Ma’naqi Zudghum.

Ma’naqi Abu Sayfayn and Ma’naqi Zudghum are the two most precious branches of Ma’naqi Sbayli, the first from the Fad’an and the second from the Sba’ah.

3 Responses to “The Hamdaniyah of Fadlallah Jirjis from Qassis”

  1. Someday, someday: we must put together everything about the stud of Dr. Qassis. I have been wondering about him and his horses for 50 years!

  2. He was Farhan Al Olayyan’s only competitor; Farhan was shipping hundreds of horses to Saudi, and Qassis managed to buy a few dozens, and prevent them from being shipped there. How sad that almost nothing remains from his breeding program.

  3. What is remained?
    Left offspring behind this prercious Hamdaniyat al-Simri mare?

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