The best blood in the world: Quamar El Leil, asil Arabian stallion from Algeria

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on November 11th, 2015 in General

When growing up in the Middle East, I would always look forward to the prospect of hearing the whinny of stallions in the stables, farms and racetracks, and it was an integral part of the experience of turning stallions loose in paddocks.

Seeing this video brought this experience back to mind. It also made me realize how “quiet” and “muted” the stallions I have recently been around are. This superb 2009 stallion, Quamar El Lail (Ratib x Mascara by Larabi out of Saguia by Guercif — sire line Bango, dam line Wadha, strain Jilfan Dhawi), is one of the last four (yes, four) Algerian asil Arabian horses, owned by the Algerian National Stud of Tiaret/Chaouchaoua. His pedigree is a succession of legends often featured on this blog in previous years: Bango, Ghalbane, Safita, Masbout, etc.

 Quamar el lail pur sang Arabe par Ratib Mascara
Posted by Haras National Chaouchaoua on Friday, October 17, 2014

Jean-Claude Rajot, who is very familiar with the asil Arabians of Algeria, tells me the whinnying is characteristic of the bloodlines of Quamar El Leil.

9 Responses to “The best blood in the world: Quamar El Leil, asil Arabian stallion from Algeria”

  1. I loved this guy!

  2. incredible!!! I should never imagine that such specimen of horse with such origine still exists in Tiaret. what a good news!

  3. Is there any chance his blood could be used more widely?

  4. So, what is the program for this stallion? Freeze the semen ?

    Is there a plan to save this precious blood in Chaou Chaoua ?

    Please Edouard, tell us more if you can. Thank you

  5. So there are three more asil horses left in Algeria, other than him:

    his full sister Ouissal, in private hands, not bred to asil lines.
    his sire Ratib who is 24 years old.
    another mare, Bouira, by Touareg who is 22 also at Tiaret and confirmed in foal for him for next years, she is from the Shuwayman line.

    The Algerian stud has awaken to the need to preserving what is left. A bit late, but better than never.

    Severine Vesco introduced me to one of the vets at Tiaret, and I am now in touch with him about freezing the semen of this young stallion. It might be too late for his sire Ratib. He has his director’s permission to seek help from outside to freeze the semen.

    Here is what he says:

    “j ai besoin du matériel pour la récolte du sperme : un vagin artificiel missouri ou colorao, une centrifugeuse , et qlq réactifs pour tester la qualité de la semence, en générale tout ce qu il faut pour avoir de la semence et la remplir dans dans des paillettes avant sa congélation”.

    If we network and help each other, we should be able to send this equipment to them, even if second hand. It is a worthwile cause.

  6. Il y a aussi certainement quelque chose à faire pour Ouissal, son propriétaire pourrait être intéressé, mais je n’ai aucun moyen de rentrer en contact directement avec lui. Malgré toutes mes recherches, nous n’avons trouvé aucun autre étalon asil en Algérie, et ce y compris en recherchant sur les lignées tunisiennes par exemple.
    La congélation de la semence de Quamar el Lail est bien prévue, et Chaouchaoua connaît les modalités pour pouvoir la distribuer en France. Si tout se concrétise, Quamar pourrait donc être disponible en IAC dans les prochaines années.

  7. Just had a Facebook message from Yacine, and Bouira had a chestnut colt. They need fillies!

  8. He is looking for donations to help in their AI and freezing programs.

  9. How can we help, Edouard?

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