The Ma’naqiyah of Ibn Hidfah of Aal Murrah

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 25th, 2017 in Arabia, Bahrain

I made a small but interesting breakthrough in further understanding old Bahraini pedigrees, and I am excited to share it. It concerns the background of one of the Bahraini foundation mares of the Ma’naqi strain. This is the mare “Managhieh Bin Hiddfa Al-Murra”, the maternal grand dam of the two Royal Stud stallions Managhi Al Kabir, and his brother the superb Managhi Al Saghir (photo below).

It just occurred to me, after reading a letter from Jens Sannek to Edie Booth, where the name of the mare was spelled slightly differently as “Ma’anaghieh (Bin Hidfah Almorrah)”, that the part of the name between brackets referred to her breeder and his tribe. Al-Murra/Almorra refers to the South-Eastern Arabian Bedouin tribe of same name; Bin Hidfah/Bin Hiddfa would be the breeder’s clan.

I set off looking for a clan by the name of Bin/Ibn Hidfah among the Aal Murra, and I found many mentions of it online. There is a reference to the warrior/poet Dayes Aal Hidfah, where he refers to “al-Mu’niq” in his verses, here. There are also many references to social events involving men from the Aal Hidfah clan on the tribe’s social media outlets, which are also maintained by a member of this same family.

Of course, the Aal Murra being the southernmost Bedouin tribe of Arabia, the occurrence of a Ma’naqiyah mare among one of their main clans as early as the 1930s (plus the undated poetry above) puts another nail in the coffin of the theory that the Ma’naqi strain is a “northern” strain, and that it was not present in Najd/Central Arabian or Southern Arabia.

2 Responses to “The Ma’naqiyah of Ibn Hidfah of Aal Murrah”

  1. Very interesting observation in the last paragraph.

  2. From Judi Forbis 1971 artcile “Pearls of Great Price: the Arabian Horses of Bahrain”, in her Authentic Arabian Bloodstock, page 45: “While some strains have existed on the island for centuries, others have been relative newcomers. The Ma’anagi (Muniqi) strain was brought to Bahrain some fourty years ago, the foundation mare having been given by the Sheikh of Al Murra to Sheikh Hamad. She was a prolific producer, and there are numerous descendants from her.”

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