The Mohammed Ali dynasty and the Tahawis

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 2nd, 2013 in Egypt

Also from Lady Anne’s Journals, February 24th, 1891:

“A very bad day, wet, windy, cold and dull, not suitable for Judith to go to Cairo, so that I and Wilfrid went without her. When we got into the 1st class carriage we found in it Prince Osman Pasha who entertained us with agreeable conversation the whole way to Cairo. Prince Osman also explained the original connection of the Tihawi family (the Hamadi Sheykhs) with the Mohammed Ali family. It began from the arrival of Mohammed Ali in Egypt and the Tihawi were from the first the special body guards of the Pasha, which continued with his sons and descendants.”

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  1. Funny how you recall reading something when you see it again, but didn’t make any connections the first time around. I will have to go back and read all those sections in LAB’s journals again now………thanks for bringing this up Edouard.

  2. of course the reference is to the Hanadi not the Hamadi. The edition of the Journals of LAB contain an enormous number of misspelled names of people, places and other information relating to Arabic common and proper names. These are sometimes followed by a [?] sign but often are not.

  3. Rosemary Archer did us all a remarkable service by going to the library and spending hour after hour transcribing Lady Anne’s journal entries by hand, in pencil, to make the published Journals and Correspondence possible. I think we can forgive Rosemary the transcription errors.

  4. Of course. Just noting this fact to pave the way for an upcoming entry.

  5. Please read this

    The Homepage of H.R.H. The Prince Osman Rifat Ibrahim

    He is a Prince of Egypt, and Prince in Turkey

    from the Mohammed Ali Dynasty

  6. Lady Anne is, I believe, referring to Prince Osman Fuad Fazil Pasha (10 Dec 1850 — 11 Feb 1898), son of Prince Mustafa Fazil Pasha, grandson of Viceroy Ibrahim Pasha, and great-grandson of Mohammed Ali.

    Prince Osman Rifat Ibrahim is a later member of the Mohammed Ali dynasty, who I believe is still living.

  7. Yes I know, but there is also an interesting part of the Background of Mohammed Ali at this Page 😉

  8. I am the son of nawal el tahawi, grandson of Mohamed el sadii el tahawi bak thank you for remembering our family and our love for horses.

  9. You’re welcome Ahmed. If you have not done so already, you need to reconnect with Tahawi horses and your family’s horse heritage. Try to reach Yehia Abd el Sattar Eliwa al-Tahawi who is in charge of the remaining Tahawi asil horses..

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