This is how real Arabian stallions are

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 19th, 2014 in Bahrain

Jenny Lees sent me these four beautiful photos of the two new Bahraini stallions standing at her stud, with her grand-daughter. She meant them as an example of the wonderful disposition and temperament of Arabian stallions in general and Bahraini horses in particular.

She wrote:
I was invited to take the two Bahraini stallions presented to HM the Queen to the AHS National Show at Malvern this summer. After they had done the display we all settled down in a corner of the showground for a picnic. This is my five year old granddaughter Elsie with the stallions Tuwaisaan That’atha’ta the grey and Mlolshaan Mahrous. Both stallions are in their early teens and both have covered mares. Elsie has a special relationship with the grey Tuwaisaan.

To learn more about the pedigrees of both stallions, visit this link.




2 Responses to “This is how real Arabian stallions are”

  1. I am so impressed.

  2. I let my stallions grow up together, usually no problem to keep them without fighting later – unless they are in pastures close to mares

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