Tunisian Arabians

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 3rd, 2016 in General

We need a concerted, sustained c ollective effort to save what remains of the Asil Tunisian Arabians before the French invasion for racetrack pseudo-Arabian makes is too late. This is the gorgeous 1963 Kuhaylat al-Ajuz mare Naziha (Chetoui x Chouka by Ibn and Idara by Ibn Fayda and Selma by Azem and Isaoub by Negrach).

Naziha, an Asil mare of Tunisian bloodlines

3 Responses to “Tunisian Arabians”

  1. What about Mrs Bergmann? A couple years ago she still had some 10-15 mares & couple of stallions.

  2. I don’t know what the status is right now. maybe you know people who can update us…

  3. This is really a wonderfull typ of a tunisian arabian mare!!
    But I don’t think, that there is a future of old lines in Tunisia. Horsekeeping is expensive and therefore you’ve to send the horses to the racetrack. In the meantime you’ve only a choice to compete succesfully on the racetrack, when you’ve this awfull fench lines.I don’t think that the quality of the Bergmann horses is still good to breed with them in future.
    How many preservation breeders are still active in Tunisia?

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