Twelve Davenports of Christmas: Atticus and Attikos CF

By Ambar

Posted on December 30th, 2010 in USA

A father-son pairing this time, both Kuhaylan Hayfi. Atticus (Dharanad x Fairy Queen) is 24 in the first image. Attikos (Atticus x Marigold CF) is three (and, I think, in the middle of a trot-canter transition—).

See how Attikos is using his LS joint, “sitting down” in the rear to push off? A quick look found this image showing the ideal LS joint as being over the point of the hip, creating a short, strong loin and a long hip (the illustration says “long croup“). Attikos is pretty close to this ideal.


Attikos CF

5 Responses to “Twelve Davenports of Christmas: Atticus and Attikos CF”

  1. shiny coat on the son!!

  2. They both have that metallic Davenport gleam, but Atticus is more heavily roaned.

  3. It’s sort of off the main topic, I realize, but would moving the LS joint forward relative to the point of hip actually change the length of hip (distance from point of hip to point of buttock)? It looks to me as though that would actually be lengthening the croup, while shortening the loin.

  4. No, you’re right, it doesn’t change the length of hip at all. My Deb Bennett books were lost in a loan, but maybe Bruce can review for us the differences (and performance implications of same) between croup and pelvic angle, and croup and hip length.

  5. Michael- You’re absolutely correct. Having the Lumbo Sacral as close to the front of the pelvis as possible is something to be striven for because it effectively makes the hip that much more efficient and powerful. Lengthening a lever increases its overall capacity to lift. And Attikos is indeed close to this ideal- the ideal of the desert breds exemplifying Arabian body type as opposed to certain Halter show horses.Notice how rounded the back of the thigh is in Attikos? You would almost say yes thats’ reminiscent of the Nearco Thoroughbred family. But, also note that the thgh muscle ties into the gaskin much deeper than most Thoroughbreds even the Nearco- Secratariat line. Thats what some folks want to do when they speak of breeding a horse thats higher in the leg- hence adding Thoroughbred blood to get essentially longer legs.In this picture Attikos looks much lighter in front, because he is. And he is because he’s stronger behind and has greater carrying capacity. And of course the carrying capacity really means his ability to carry a rider in true collection balancing their combined weight equally on all four limbs and staying sounder longer.
    Best Wishes
    Bruce Peek

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