Twelve Davenports of Christmas: Freda and Jonquil CF

By Ambar

Posted on December 28th, 2010 in USA

Michael Bowling tells me this historic image, previously published as *Urfah, is now believed to be Freda (the markings don’t match *Urfah’s in any case.)

Freda, it is hypothesized, had her identity confused with Saleefy’s when both mares were sold in 1918. Freda descends entirely from the Hamidie Society importation of 1893. The markings of the foal with her do not match any of her registered Arabian produce—per Michael, this is probably the Anglo-Arabian Frecon (by Consider).

The modern image is an October 2007 shot of Freda’s presumed tail female descendant, the splendid mare Jonquil CF, producer of Eldar HD (featured yesterday) among others. You can’t see it as well as I could wish, but that beautiful shoulder (and neck, and loin coupling, and…) have come right down the line. Her sire Ibn Alamein had it as well, and was generous with it.


Jonquil CF

4 Responses to “Twelve Davenports of Christmas: Freda and Jonquil CF”

  1. the foal certainly has an anglo-arab rear end..

  2. Just wondering… I see no indication of Anglo Arab rear end there?? What did you see?

  3. He was probably an Anglo, Edouard. Hingham bred Anglos as well as Arabs. There was a Thoroughbred stallion used named Consider, and he was bred to Freda at least once (because they named the foal Fre-Con. !

  4. The Thoroughbred rear end might come from how curved his but is, easily into apple-butted, and how long his gaskins are-, ” standing higher up on the leg,” as a Thoroughbred breeder might put it..
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

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