Twelve Davenports of Christmas: *Hamrah and Eldar HD

By Ambar

Posted on December 27th, 2010 in Syria, USA

For today, the 1904 Saqlawi al ‘Abd stallion *Hamrah, of whom much has been said previously, and his century-later echo, the 2004 Hamdani Simri stallion Eldar HD, bred by Michael Bowling.

In 2003, I wrote of the 22 year old Palisades CF, “I want a magic wand so I can have another twenty years with this horse.” Replied Michael, “I guess that’s what we breed them for.”


Eldar HD

4 Responses to “Twelve Davenports of Christmas: *Hamrah and Eldar HD”

  1. Interesting comparison, a large dose of Hamrah.

    Michael what is DNA comparison? To me there seems a more
    refinement to Eldar. Perhaps only the improve images via photo’s.

    For me Tripoli was a Hamrah type. I wonder what their skulls would say? Am sure they would be close, all of them. Interesting study.

  2. I would have liked to show you full-body shots of both horses, but I had to work with the pictures that were available, this not being picture-taking season in northern California. 🙂

    Tripoli will show up a little later in the series.

  3. Having been fortunate to see this boy several times since he was a colt, I can only say — he’s absolutely stunning in every part and in whole.


  4. I saw a photo of Eldar as a foal. He just gets prettier and prettier, doesn’t he?

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