Twickenham, 2003 Kuhaylan Hayfi stallion

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 12th, 2015 in General

Jeanne Craver just shared this photo of the 2003 Kuhaylan Hayfi Davenport stallion Twickenham (Regency CF x Kiddleywink CF by Regency CF), who is still at Craver Farms. I have always loved that little stallion.




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  1. I think Twickenham is absolutely stunning!

  2. Twickenham CF is in the non-Tripoli breeding group and one of the last straight Davenport foals bred without any Hanad in the pedigree.

  3. so no Tripoli, no KIS (no Sanad), and no Dhanad and no Ibn Hanad. Wow.

    On the completrly opposite spectrum, when I will breed my Jamr Al Arab (Vice Regent CF x Jadiba) to my Mayyassah Al Arab (Clarion CF x Cinnabar Myst), I will have a horse with the following lines to Hanad offspring:

    Dhanad (through Dharanad and Clarion CF)
    Tripoli (through Vice Regent CF and Viola)
    Sanad (through Vice Regent CF and Salutation)
    Ibn Hanad (through Vice Regent CF and Salutation)
    Mainad (through Cinnabar Myst and Mystalla)
    Ameer Ali (through Jadiba and Zoe)

  4. IMHO and limited experience, the most “Regency Looking,” Regency CF son I have seen.

  5. He does look a lot like his sire, Carrie. He should, of course. He is 75% Regency, out of the Regency daughter Kiddleywink CF.

  6. Maybe I should have been more specific, Twickenham CF resembles Regency CF more than any of the other 50-75% Regency offspring, I have seen .

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