Twickenham at Craver Farms last weekend

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 12th, 2016 in General

This 2003 Kuhaylan Hayfi stallion (Regency x Kiddleywink by Regency) is, according to Jeanne Craver, the most look-alike of his Regency’s sons, and his second youngest.


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  1. Handsome horse, and one of the few remaining straight Davenport horses not tracing to Hanad.

  2. He’s also a very good mover. See how his pelvis is tilted down underneath himself. It may be difficult to see as his tail is flagged too.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  3. RJ, who are the other Davenports of breeding age that do not trace to Hanad?

  4. His full brother Haffiad is one, and Leitmotiv a 2005 filly, is another (where is she?). Also Levantine CF, a 2005 stallion. Both Levantine and Haffiad are with Nancy Becker. To get an idea, it’s all the non-Tripolis (a son of Hanad), who also don’t trace to Dhararand (a maternal grandson of Hanad) or Kamil Ibn Salan (a great-grand son of Hanad).

  5. Twickenham is SO Arab.

  6. Edouard named most of them. The only other one is Regalia CF, exported to France, if still living. He would be 23 now.

  7. Leitmotiv is in southern California, with Lorry Wagner. She is a full sibling mating, by Regalia and out of Paradiddle.

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