Two desert bred Kuhaylan al-Wati stallions with the Shammar in Syria

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 7th, 2009 in Arabia, Syria

Jean-Claude Rajot, who has lately been a frequent visitor of Syria (more on these visits later, including from Jean-Claude himself), sent me these photos of a couple horses in the stud of Hussain al-Ghishm in North Eastern Syria. Both horses are of the Kuhaylan al-Wati strain. The al-Ghishm, a family of ranking shaykhs of the Shammar, have been famously breeding desert-bred Kuhaylan al-Wati for at least five human generations. Their horses are asil and are held in high repute across the desert.

I have been meaning to keep these photos for a full entry on the Kuhaylan al-Wati strain, as part of the “Strain of the Week” series, on which I am way behind, but they have been sitting in my hard drive for some time now, and thought, hey, the pictures speak for themselves anyway..

The older stallion is al-Ghishm’s main breeding stallion. I think his name is Amer Hakem but I am not sure. I especially like the younger colt. Of course, even though both horses are in very good health, you shouldn’t compare their condition to that of horses grazing in Europe or America’s lush pastures.

PS – this is the best blood in the Syrian desert. Also, this strain and Kuhaylan Jellabi are one and the same (really).

2 Responses to “Two desert bred Kuhaylan al-Wati stallions with the Shammar in Syria”

  1. the strain is Jrshanih

    is it true

  2. yes, and Jurayshi and Jallabi are the same strain as you know.

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