Two more articles on WAHO 2017 in Bahrain

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 13th, 2017 in Arabia, Bahrain

Monica Savier has two articles on the Bahrain WAHO conference, one is Desert Heritage, and the other in Tutto Arabi.



2 Responses to “Two more articles on WAHO 2017 in Bahrain”

  1. Actually, the entire WAHO page on the Bahrain 2017 conference is just awesome:

  2. TY Edouard, precious reports indeed. I was attending the important Fontainbleau Endurance races yesterday and I was VERY happy to notice that vet checks have indeed received a strong improvement. FEI has probably listened to the concerns of WAHO. Vets seemed much more careful about any sign of problem regarding the horses’health and disqualified way more easily than they used to a couple of years ago. It was obviously much to the dislike of some attenders and competitors. But I hope it will keep improving in the coming years. Endurance sport will then earn its first “nobility letters”. Although some breeders, trainers and riders are now learning the hard way: YES – Endurance horses have to be sound and healthy athletes like they are in any other horse sport. This is only for the best. Indeed they’ll now have to raise up the standard of selection to get horses that are well conformed, showing naturally regular and ground covering gaits, have nice bone quality, good respiratory and cardiac system, strong metabolism and qualities of tissues. Ten years ago, some Frenchies made a fool out of me when I was arguing that Asil horses will do good in Endurance if they were to get a try out of them. I am happy to see now that the few who did bet on them where greatly rewarded: Asil horses running and qualified for international races, genetics showing how the Asils’ natural qualities can provide great assets for Endurance prospects…and let’s hope this is only the beginning of it for France 😉

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