Unidentified son and daughter of Raad at the Anbarji farm in Syria

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 26th, 2009 in Syria

Unidentified Raad son at the Anbarji farm in Syria

To follow up on the earlier entry on the desert-bred Kuhaylan al-Musinn stallion Raad, here is a picture of one of his sons and one of his daughters at the Anbarji farm some seventeen years ago.

The colt, either a Kuhaylan al-Khdili or a Hamdani al-Ifri by strain ( I don’t remember, even though I am in the pic), was recovering from an illness, and the photo is not to his advantage, but you will no doubt notice the refinement that his sire Raad transmits, as well as the fine muzzle, the deep jowl and the big eye. Note also the dark, full bay color which Raad passed on to his progeny.

The filly is a Hamdaniyah Ifriyah (a well esteemed branch of Hamdani Simri from the ‘Amarat Bedouins, more on it later), and in my opinion, is the epitomy of refinement and feminity. I don’t recall her name either, but Omar Anbarji, her breeder, can perhaps refresh my memory. Omar, you were standing behind my father who took the picture..

 A Hamdaniyah Ifriyah daughter of Raad

4 Responses to “Unidentified son and daughter of Raad at the Anbarji farm in Syria

  1. Edouard, A very nice colt indeed. His lumbars appear short and strong.And the photo you included is helpful in analyzing his conformation as the vertical line of the two doors in the background neatly bisects his short- strong spine. Even though he’s still a youngster he shows good stout bone- evidence of masculine type. This is something many arab lines here in the U.S. need very badly to be bred back into them. Do you know what ever became of him. Can frozen semen be obtained from these better desertbreds and used to re-invigorate U.S. bloodlines?

  2. Fine exemplare’s of the desert Arabs.
    As many saw horses that were imporiert by Blunt’s.

  3. Hello ,

    took me long time myself as well , thank you Eduard for refreshing my memory .
    she is Hamdani Ofri , her name is Kahla ,
    her son , Hisham Al-Andalus got to be champion of Syria ( in national shows ) three times, champion of foals ( 2005 ) , champion of stallions (2008 & 2009 ) .

  4. And such a handsome boy he is, too, Omar. We had a color photo of him at your open house in the V25N1 Khamsat, last spring. Lovely to see his mother as a youngster.

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