Upcoming Khamsat

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 3rd, 2012 in General

Just a dropping a couple of lines to say that I look forward to reading the upcoming Khamsat, which includes

— an article  on Vanishing Lines (*Al Mashoor and Euphrates, represented by the mare Sarita Bint Raj),

— ground-breaking research article by R.J. Cadranell about the Abbas Pasha mare Ghazieh (one of the best articles I have read on Abbas Pasha horses in years, based on original documentation),

— a write up by Jeanne Craver of my presentation at last year’s Al Khamsa Convention in Pennsylvania, on a case study of a modern Syrian line (the Shuwayman Sabbah of the Jarba Shammar) and its link to US imports of the 19th and 20th century.

— a report by Rosemary Doyle on the WAHO Conference in Qatar.

It’s nice to see this small, self-funded publication featuring so many cutting edge topics in one issue. I love the spirit the Khamsat embodies. Homegrown, volonteer based, yet global in it reach and cutting edge in its coverage.

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  1. Now, Edouard! That is your article; I just served as editor and “pusher.”

    Thanks for all your help!

  2. Khamsat is the best magazine for Arabian preservationists and lovers of Asil horses and a tremendous bargain at $16/4 issues in the US, $25/4 issues Canada and Mexico, $35/4 issues abroad. Nearly 50 pages per issue, filled with wonderful historical articles and updates on rare lines

  3. Unbelievable knowledge and wisdom with the ability to bring the past into the present, this is the Khamsat over the years!

    Years filled with Joe and his wife, and now years with Jeanne and her husband. Who could ever ask for more? A comment from years back, not the Khamsat then. Jeanne ask me not to say something, so I did not. Well her influence on controversy has held over the years and has created respect for her and Al Khamsa. Charles has been lucky, as she; they make a good team for their lives, and what they have given to the rest of us. Charles always commented on other breeding programs by first relaying information on the people. Yet, Charles and Jeanne, rarely speak of them selves. Not much to say? volumes! The Khamsat, a magazine worth saving, like old friends and new.

    Edouard, your blog does well to recognize The Khamsat!

    The guest writers, over the years have been read over and over by us all. Joe set a great standard for Al Khamsa and Jeanne continues. Thanks is never really enough!

    So many bloodlines saved, the Bedouin’s Horse still alive and well, ‘Remarkable.

    JMH/Bedouin Arabians

  4. of course, Arabian Visions is still the best purist publication ever IMO, and it’s a pity this publication ceased to exist.

  5. Edouard,

    Did not know the Magazine, Arabian Visions, when R.J. owned and edited. I am sure it was a credit to him and served the Asil Arabian Horses as well.

    To say it is better then what Al Khamsa does, for me is a stretch. Like comparing apples to oranges, then there is always the work Judy Forbis did for Egyptian research. As has so many others!

    Al Khamsa did something new as it sought to limit opinions, and foster a continuous search for truth. Check each new issue from 1976 til now and see the additions and corrections.

    I do agree that it is sad, the Arabian Visions, is no long a magazines; but R.J. still continues with his thoughts and writings!

    Taking a somewhat exception………..JMH / Bedouin Arabians

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