Update on *Samirah tail female mares

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 20th, 2013 in General

Carrie Slayton of the Al Khamsa Preservation Task Force has succeeded in placing the blind 1998 mare Jadah Kerasun (ASF Raphael x ASF Ubeidiyah by ASF Ezra), a rare Hamdaniyah Simiryah tail female to the Ibn Saudi mare *Samirah in the hands of preservation breeder Marge Smith of Oregon. The mare just got there yesterday.

In related news, Carrie sent the following two pictures of the other remaining Samirah tail female mares: 1993 Jadah Samirah (ASF Hercules x ASF Ubeidiyah by ASF Ezra) and her 2008 daughter Samirahs Adlayah (by Jadah Echos Amir).  Pictures are the mares’ owner Stephanie Theinert McCloud. Both look very good. By the way, this is the same tail female as some of the Rushcreek Endurance horses.



10 Responses to “Update on *Samirah tail female mares”

  1. Beautiful. But always makes me sad that John Rogers would not allow *Samirah to carry on within her own breeding group. We could have had both.

  2. I agree, Edie, and also mourn the loss of *Thorayyah…

  3. This is an example of the type of mares Rushcreek Land and Livestock Company obtained from Albert Harris in the 1940’s-50’s as a foundation for their purebred Arabian breeding program of ranch horses. Those ranch horses went out into the world and became very successful endurance horses.


    This type of breeding has all but disappeared in general Arabian breeding. My first purebred Arabian, Rushcreek Faith, brought me to Al Khamsa and to discover the rare tail female line to *Samirah.

  4. The dam of these mares, ASF Ubeidiya, is hopefully going to be bred successfully to one of Edie’s stallions. We will be trying embryo transfer.

  5. Fingers crossed on this one Anita!

  6. Excellent news Anita! Here’s to a successful breeding & transfer!

  7. I am very saddened to have to report the passing of the 1998 blind mare Jadah Kerasun. She had been with preservation breeder Marge Smith since early in 2013. Marge tried very valiantly to get JK in foal to one of her Davenport stallions, without success. This leaves the 2008 mare Samirahs Adlayah as THE LAST BREEDING AGE TAIL FEMALE *SAMRIAH MARE!!! Samirahs Adlayah is now owned by the new preservation breeder, Kathryn Toth. We wish Kathryn the best of luck in obtaining future foals from this very precious mare!

  8. ouch! that does not look good.. we need to see what we can do about Jadah Samirah’s, the young mare’s dam.

  9. Did John Rogers own *Samirah? She was imported by Albert Harris, who bred all of her registered foals.

  10. So today : no more Samirah tail female mare in straight heiloom or davenport whithout ishass (el deree) ?

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