Updated List of Preservation Emergencies in North America

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 2nd, 2011 in General

About a year ago, I  put together an incomplete list of asil Arabian horses that I saw as crucial to maintain as broad as possible a gene pool here in the USA, and hence needed to be preserved urgently.

Here a still incomplete but updated list with the status of the horses concerned, in no particular order:

1. *Mlolshaan Hager Solomon, grey 1986 Mlolshaan stallion imported from Bahrain, and only “desert-bred” horse in the USA at this time: still alive, has one new filly with Jenny Krieg; new breedings planned this year;

2. Sarita Bint Raj, Saqlawiyah Jadraniyah, tail female to Basilisk through Slipper (not through Rabanna), last chance to keep the blood of the desert-bred stallions *Euphrates and *Al-Mashoor within the asil gene pool, and carrying one of the last asil lines to *Mirage: not registered still alive, Jenny Krieg (that preservation machine!) and Rosemary and Terry Doyle are all helping to save her; will likely be registered and bred next year, so good news on this front!

3. Halley, 1985 Hamdaniyah Simriyah, one of the 4 last tail females to *Samirah alive, and incredibly close to the Albert Harris desert imports of the 1920s, and also a Sharp (no Blunt blood): still alive, not being bred, no plans to do so.

4. Bint Rubic, 1988 Kuhaylat al-‘Ajuz, one of the 4 last tail females to *Nufoud alive (with two sisters, one of which is likely not fertile, and a niece, n. 5 below), also very close to the same desert imports as above, and also a Sharp (no Blunt blood): still alive, papers with one person and mare with another: plans being made to fix paper issues and breed her.

5. Jadah Necessity, younger Kuhaylat al-‘Ajuz, also tracing to *Nufoud, and also a Sharp: still alive, with Randall Harris but sold to another person, status uncertain.

6.  Jadah Emily, younger Hamdaniyah Simriyah, tail female to Selma of Abbas Pasha I, one of the last handful of such tail females remaining: still alive, with Randall Harris, but not sure how long she will be staying there. Also CMK.

7. Le Coquin, younger Dahman Shahwan stallion, Egyptian lines but with two crosses to *Mirage, with Joan de Vour: still alive, had a foal recently.

8. ASF Ubeidiyah, older Hamdaniyah Simriyah, one of the 4 last tail females to *Samirah, rescued by the Institute for Desert Arabian Horses: still alive, with Pam Baker in South Carolina, for a breeding to Salil Ibn Iliad (a tail female *Nufoud stallion and a Sharp). Need to ask whether she was checked in foal.

9. Jadah Kerasun, daughter of above, also rescued by the Institute, but lost both eyes as a result of two separate accidents: not sure if alive, may have been put down.

10. RL Zahra Assahra, 1985 Habda Inzihiyah, tail female to *Hadba, one of the few such tail females in a preservation breeding, also rescued by the Institute: still alive, with Marilyn McHallam in Canada, and has produced at least two fillies since 2006.

11. Jadiba, 1988 Saqlawiyat al-‘Abd, tail female to *Wadduda, one of two such tail females outside the Sahanad breeding program: still alive, and in foal for 2012. I am the proud owner! Also CMK.

12. Hart Asheera, 1986 Saqlawiyat al-‘Abd, tail female to *Wadduda, and a close relative to the above: still alive with Megan Detweiler, may hopefully be bred one more time through embryo transfer.

13. ML Ayriana, 1992 Saqlawiyat al-‘Abd, one of the last asil tail females to *Urfah left (this one through Shasi): not sure if alive. Will check.

13. Glencrest Shaia, 1989 Saqlawiyat al-‘Abd, and close relative to the one just above: not sure if alive. Will check.

14. Princess Asjah: 1990 Kuhaylah Rodaniyah, last mare with the tail female to Rodania’s daughter Rosemary (the line to Rose of Sharon is the major branch): still alive, owner may be open to a breeding lease, but we need to find a good home and a volunteer.

15. San Luis Solstice: older Saqlawiyah Jadraniyah, one of the last 3 (maybe 4) remaining tail females to Kariban, of the Ayerza importation to Argentina: not sure if alive, high priority.

16. Bint al-Barra: 1991 Kuhaylat al-Krush, tail female to *Werdi, one of the last lines to the Davenport import *Azra, to the W.R. Brown stallion Gharis through her sire, and hence to the foundation horses Kesia I and Kesia II and Mamelucke. Status: still alive with Trish Stockhecke in Canada; preservation arrangements currently being discussed.

17. Cinnabat Myst: 1992 full sister of the above, with same owner. Still alive and preservation arrangements also being considered.

18. Nuri al-Krush: 1993 half sister of the above, with same owner. Line to *Azra. Still alive and preservation arrangements also being considered.

There are more, and in particular among the BLUE STAR community.. so this list will be updated as soon as more preservation emergencies are identified.

6 Responses to “Updated List of Preservation Emergencies in North America”

  1. A great service. Thanks for publishing and giving us the wake up calls…

  2. number 9 is now with a wonderful vet in Wisconsin where she will live with another blind horse. She will not be bred, but will hopefully live out her natural lifespan . Many thanks to Carolyn Jacobson for locating the wonderful vet who agreed to take her and to Don Hasler who handled the hauling with such great care. I think her half-sister (out of ASF Ubeidiya) is in a situation that may allow for breeding in the future.

  3. To this list we need to add Jadah BelleoftheBall, a Sharp *Nufoud tail female, and a sister to Jadah Necessity above. An effort is made to secure her for a preservation home as we speak.

  4. No. 10, RL Zahra Assahara, produced a gray Core Hadban filly in 2015 by Aurene CF.

  5. Congratulations! When was she born?

  6. Hello, Edouard:

    RL Zahra Assahara’s Core Hadban gray filly by Aurene CF was born on April 26, 2015. She has a wonderful temperament. I’m quite pleased with her overall conformation as well.

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