Vice Regent CF last week

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 24th, 2015 in General

Vice Regent CF (Regency x Violetta by Salutation) is the sire of my Jamr, out of Jadiba. He will be 24 years old now. Photos by Jeanne Craver last week. He looks regal. I love that big eye (wish Jamr had inherited that).




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  1. Interestingly enough Vice regent and Carver DF look amazingly alike in body posture , stance and overall confirmation.Maybe Carver is slightly lighter in overall weight. Since they’re both rather linebred one could envision a breeding program of crossing them back and forth. Are the Doyle horses still being bred? Food for thought.
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  2. One of the reasons VR looks more heavy than Carver is because I am just a phone-camera person, and I shot from above him. Let me see if there is enough digital data in that snapshot to lighten it up so you can see him better.

  3. Oh, yes! The Doyle horses are still being bred! And ridden in endurance rides!

  4. We saw Vice Regent on the same day, and were very impressed by him. Wished you had been there. Maybe Darlene Summers also has a few photos she can share.

  5. I thought Vice Regent looked very similar to many Doyle horses, especially his body. I agree it would be interesting to see more combination of these two lines.

    FYI. The Facebook group “Doyle & Doyle-blend Desert Arabian Horses” is a good place to see what is going on with the Doyle horses. There are hundreds of photos of many full Doyle and part Doyle horses.

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