Video of Arabian Horses from Bahrain from 1985

By Laszlo Kiraly

Posted on July 5th, 2017 in General

It is an honor for me to publish my thoughts and my experiences on the Daughters of the wind Blog from time to time. At the same time an honor and pleasure  knowing and learning from  the opinions of other people about our beloved Arabian horse.
One of my experiences about the Arabian horses was a film from Bahrain. A long time ago, at the turn of the millenium, in 1998 or 1999 I received it as gift from a German friend, Jens Sannek. The film was made by an Austrian breeder,  Anton Tucek in 1985 (!)Today I learned that Anton Tucek died in 2004. I spoke with his very kind widow, who agreed to let me publish the recording. Anton Tucek was a breeder of Asil Arabian horses. I’m sorry I didn’t know him personally, but I knew about his horses. He imported two stallions from Bahrain in the 1980’s. One of them was Sarhan, whose 26-year-old son (out of an original Iranian mare) is still living, now owned by the family.
It is not easy to identify the horses in the film. I only can guess the names of someone, but I hope there are people who knows them exactly. I remember, what pleasure was for me  seeing real desert bred horses. The horses of the Islands of Pearls. Recently there was the  WAHO Congress in Bahrain and in this context we could see a lot of photos and some videos from today’s horses on this Blog. The “actors” of this film are the ancestors of the horses of nowadays, maybe.  All or just a few of them , but one  thing is certain: They are “Pearls of Great Price”.
Here is the film in three parts, enjoy yourself !

3 Responses to “Video of Arabian Horses from Bahrain from 1985”

  1. The first half of the “Video part3” was still made in Bahrain, the second half filmed at Schieferegg Stud in Andalucia (?)/ Spain.

    I’m not sure, but in the spanish part we can see Jallad, the iranian asil stallion and among others
    Hamdan II ( Hamdan X Folla) with U. Marcik, I think.

    When I saw the film first time, so how I remember – through a TV-screen – it was black and white. Now here and there it seems to be it was originally color.

  2. Lazlo Kiraly, Thank you very much for sharing these historic videos. I look forward to reading your future posts to Edouard’s blog.

  3. I feel very blessed to be able to see these videos- how very beautiful and fine these horses are-it never fails to amaze me that our USA foundation arabian horses and these are so very close in their type and good they should i suppose-thank you for sharing these i really enjoyed looking into another world.

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