Video of Bahraini stallions at rest at stud of Sh. Mohammed Bin Salman

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 10th, 2017 in Bahrain

Thanks to Jenny Lees, I had the chance to visit the stud of the late Sh. Mohammad Bin Salman Aal Khalifah, now property of his sons. My camera phone (yes, I know) battery died within the first minutes, but not before I took this video video of the stallions at rest (click here). You will recognize several of the stallions Matthias Oster and featured here over the previous days and weeks.

The first one is a Jellabi, the last one a fleebitten Mlolshaan, the handsome chestnut Sa’idan is right behind the first Jellabi by some sort of yellow manger. You can spot the Rabdan Al Aswaj by another manger towards the first third of the video.

9 Responses to “Video of Bahraini stallions at rest at stud of Sh. Mohammed Bin Salman”

  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing Edouard. Is the flea-bitten grey with some pink on the nose Jellabi Faiz? (just between the grey Jellabi and chestnut Sa’idan). Such a lovely expression.

  2. I don’t know. But the chestnut Saidan is not this one, it’s the one to the left of the grey Jellabi as the camera turns around, in the back.

  3. Oh, thank you! And I do love that Mlolshaan stallion! That is a lot of stallions!

  4. That’s just one lot. They have about two hundred stallions at that stud alone. All well behaved. I did not hear a neigh.

  5. Great! Thank you for sharing.

  6. I admire the way the stallions are all so calm and happy and relaxed in such close proximity of each other. How do you train stallions to behave like this?

    Also, Edouard, I took your advice to heart and started on that letter. ^_^
    Hopefully some good will come from it.

  7. Two hundred stallions? And people thought _we_ were bad!

  8. At least, if not 250. There were about 570 horses in total.

  9. Thanks Edouard for sharing this. Heart warming to see natural Arabian stallions and some of them reminiscent of what I saw in 1996. The last one, the Mlolshaan, so much reminds me of my Saamir who was truly a desert type. I do miss him dearly though he had a long and happy life. Thanks again.

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