Virginia Deyr, 1979 Hamdaniyah Simriyah tracing to Sobha from the Abbas Pasha line

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 6th, 2015 in Egypt

This photo of the lovely 1979 Hamdaniyah Simriyah mare Virginia Deyr (Tristram x LR Double Bubble by Ar-Raad) in old age appeared in one of the Khamsat magazine issues and is courtesy of Jeanne Craver.



This Hamdani strain, going back to the mare Sobha (Wazir x Selma) is one of the handful strains handed down from the Abbas Pasha collection in asil form. Owing to this fact only, Sobha’s Hamdani Simri strain ought to receive so much more attention within an outside Al Khamsa’s realm. The credit for saving this line in Al Khamsa/asil form goes to Charles Craver who acquired the mare Arabesque (Rouf x Koreish by Alcazar out of the Crabbet/Blunt mare Simawa).

The other Abbas strains still in existence in tail female today, within Al Khamsa, are: El Dahma’s (Dahman Shahwan); Ghazieh’s (Saglawi Jadran); and Roga’s (Saglawi Jadran); other Abbas Pasha strains such as Jellabiet Feysul’s (Kuhaylan Jellabi), Noma’s (Kuhaylan Nawwaq), Nura’s (Dahman Najib), and Samha’s (Saglawi ibn Zubaynah) died out early on. Jellabiet Feysul’s still exist, but outside Al Khamsa.

By the way, Virginia Deyr carries two lines to the Davenport Second Foundation stallion Tripoli: she is by a Tripoli son out of a Tripoli grand-daughter.

3 Responses to “Virginia Deyr, 1979 Hamdaniyah Simriyah tracing to Sobha from the Abbas Pasha line”

  1. She is beautiful! thanks for posting

  2. Hi I was Interested to learn more about Virginia Deyr, (Lovely old girl)does she have offspring and if so Id love to learn more about them. I am from Australia where we also have Sobhas line.

  3. She left a son (Dube) who has some younger offspring left.

    Wonderful mare judging from this phone. Old style.

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