Wadd at five

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 9th, 2016 in General

Wadd, who is now five years old, is maturing into a handsome, masculine stallion in the line of the Kuhaylan Hayfi sires of Craver Farms. He is more reminiscent of his grandsire Javera Thadrian than he is of his sire Triermain CF.

Large eyes, broad forehead, prickled ears, bony face, arched neck, curved throat, short back, deep girth, broad chest, sloped shoulder, silky hair, fine skin, solid tendons, short cannon bones, high tail carriage, and good movement. I would have preferred a deeper jowl, a longer hip and a straighter croup, but I can live with that, because when moving the slightly droopy quarter does not show. His daughter has both his many qualities and his few shortcomings.




3 Responses to “Wadd at five”

  1. Wadd is looking very nice Edouard! He is a handsome boy!

  2. He is so special! I can remember him charging at and dancing with the tractor as I mowed the pasture. You can add his mind to his list of wonderful qualities.

  3. I remember him as a foal, about one month old. I liked his balance and quality.

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