Welcome, Belle

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on November 18th, 2013 in General

I am excited to announce that the Kuhaylat al-Ajuz Jadah BelloftheBall a.ka. “Belle” (Invictus Al Krush x Belladonna CHF by Audobon x LD Rubic by Plantagenet) has joined the Al-Dahdah herd. She is a gift from my friend Jeannie Lieb, who delivered her from Boston to Pennsylvania yesterday! I have been wanting a mare from the line of LD Rubic for 12 years now, ever since a came to the USA, and now I have one, so it’s a dream come true.

This morning I found this email in my archives. It is from the late Carol Lyons and is dated Dec. 22, 2001:

“{…] You asked about Rubic and Belladona. […] Who would I breed these mares to if I had the opportunity?   I would try to  breed Rubic to Triermain.   There is a story here about why Charles gave this horse the name of  Triermain’.  It comes from a poem which tells the vertues of a man named Triermain and that he is worthy of the daughter of Plantagenet.  Rubic is a Plantagenet daughter so the choice is obvious.  I believe that Charles is a ‘master breeder’ and  Triermain has been used on a number of Plantagenet daughters and granddaughters with great success. 

I would also breed Belladona to him.   With either mare I would also try a Blue Star with Turfa.  There is a ‘sharp’ stallion out here by the name of Pal-Ara Stetson that I would also want to use.  (You can see him when you are here… interesting horse and interesting pedigree.  He is an Audobon grandson out of an Ibn Sirecho daughter – with additional  crosses to *Nufoud & her Saud bred son and to the Saudi mare, *Tairah through Mistara.)  Oh, I would have a wonderful time with all these options. 

If I dont get back to you beforehand, I hope that you have a very good Christmas.  I am only sorry that you dont live closer or I would invite you to join us here.” 






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  1. Photo courtesy Anita Westfall.

  2. Congrats, looks like a lovely mare. On the Pal-Ara website there is also a stallion “RAR Nacona Moon”, Bint El Nefous damline with 2 lines to Sir White Moon & John Doyle. Never seen Sir White Moon in the flesh of course but on picture, he’s as close as an ideal Arabian can be for me.

  3. Edouard, I am so pleased that I was able to make one of your dreams come true! She is now exactly where she needs to be and owned by exactly who needs to be her owner :). She will be waiting for you and your family to return from Cairo and get to really know her.

  4. “Like”!

  5. From two past years i’m only a silent reader on your blog. Now have comment. Congrats Edouard! Very Nice mare.

  6. Thank you Mohamed.

  7. Congratulations Edouard for this nice mare. You will be thinking of a stallion that complements her qualities.

  8. Hi Bassam, and thank you. How is Jadah Cassiah?

  9. Jadah Cassiah is gaining weight and developing more muscle. I will try to train her under saddle this coming spring.

  10. Suerte!, congratulations!, is a great mare.

  11. Happy, happy! So glad you have attained your wish for a LD Rubic female decendant! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Belle!

  12. Edouard: Congratulations! Wasn’t Nufoud the mom of Sunshine, the stallion of A.W. Harris, known for his substantial build, great legs, disposition and overall substance?
    Good for you.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  13. Thanks Bruce, tell us a bit more about your horses, if you currently have any

  14. You are correct Bruce. *Nufoud was *Sunshine’s dam. They, along with *Tairah and *Samirah were Albert Harris’ Sa ud Imports in the 1930’s. All four figure heavily in the pedigrees of endurance horses of the past.

  15. Just the one half arab gelding at present.. He’s CMK and Polish on top with the Arabian cow horse Xenophon at the third line and the Muniqi( I think)Kellog Bridle horse Ferana 5 generations back. His quarter horse dam line has 6 crosses to the sprinting Thoroughbred Three Bars, and a ton of other Thoroughbreds too, Man o War, Blenheim etc.
    He has a three and a half degree outward rotation on his right front cannon, so his front legs are not straight and his front feet are slightly clubbed. This means careful trimming and shoeing, but by way of compensation his hind end has pretty good angles.He loves, loves, loves working cows. When sorting cattle he picks himself up like a bull fighters horse into a piaffe posture. Like most CMK’s he has many lines to the Eygyptian Seglawy Jedran Asil stallion Mesaoud, is chesnut with a white blaze,and slight whote roaning, two front socks, and white ankles behind. He stands a little over 15-3 hands and right now weighs right at 1000 pounds. In my opinion he should carry about 40 more pounds as you can see the outline of his ribs.
    I took him to a Buck Brannaman clinic this past summer for the foundation class and have been taking Vacquero horsemanship lessons on him since then. I’m working on learning to rope and training him to the rope as well..So we’re pretty much a work in progress.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  16. Hearty congratulations, Edouard. Sounds like this mare has landed right where she needs to be.

  17. Belle is sweet and looks very deserty. I think you’ll be quite happy with her!

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