What Ali Pasha Sharif horses looked like

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 2nd, 2014 in Egypt

This is a picture of Ghazieh gleaned from the internet. Born in 1897 at APS. Bought by the Blunts in 1897 at the APS sale, died in 1917 at Sheykh Obeyd Stud. By Ibn Nura out of Bint Horra by Aziz out of Horra by Zobeyni.

Dam of Feyda by Jamil (Aziz x B. Jamila), who is in turn dam of Ibn Fayda (at Inshass Stud in Egypt) and Ibn Fayda I (at Sidi Thabet in Tunisia) both by Ibn Rabdan. Also dam of Ghareb who was used by Lady Anne as a sire at Sheykh Obeyd stud, and her daughter Feyda and Ghazwa  and grand-daughters faiza adn Falha were admired by visitors to Sheykh Obeyd Stud from the world over.

Funny, I don’t see a dished face or a flat topline. Maybe Lady Anne Blunt and Ali Pasha Sharif did not know enough about breeding Arabian horses to breed for these. Maybe show judges know better.

Personally, I would die for a mare like this one.

Ghazieh (Ibn Nura x Bint Horra by Aziz)

3 Responses to “What Ali Pasha Sharif horses looked like”

  1. *Shahwan 241 had a flatter croup, but his face was not dished, either.

    Don’t die, Edouard, but I’m not letting Labwah go, either!

  2. Grin…

  3. With the angles on her hindend, and the depth of muscling into her thigh she looks to be very athletic. I’ll bet she could fly- and since her muscling is light and stringy- fly for a long time..
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

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